Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time To Raise Some $$$$

Good morning! I hope that today is a wonderful day for each of you. If any of you, I know of a couple, are on the east coast in the path of Earl, we are all praying for your safety! Please do what they tell you that you need to do. If they say get out.... then GET OUT! My house is always open if you need a place to escape to! Seriously, prayers are with you.

Ok, as of this morning TEAM BELIEVE is officially 42 strong!!! Wow! I am so amazed and so excited. It is wonderful how each year we get bigger. What an amazing power house! When we put on our team shirts and show up on the streets of Memphis in December, people do see us, people do know that this is a group of people who want to do our part to fight the beast and support the kids and St Jude!! I have had some amazing opportunities each year to represent the Hero's program and TEAM BELIEVE. I have already had the opportunity to emcee the Hero's Kick Off Reception back in June, and have had a few other speaking opportunities where I have been able to tell the story of how our team was formed and why we do what we do. I have another opportunity on the 22nd of this month to speak to all of the employees and managers of one of the largest fitness gym chains in the city of Memphis. The owners of this chain of gyms lost a daughter to the beast some years back, they are really getting involved in the work of raising funds for St Jude. They own 11 gyms in the city and have launched a contest between each of their gyms to see which one can raise the most money. I have been ask by the ALSAC Hero's Director to speak to this group. So, once again I will get to share our TEAM BELIEVE story and hopefully get this group all pumped up to help raise some major money.

Ok, speaking of raising some money.... we have at this point 42 team members, a goal of 20,000.00 with 2,000.00 of that amount raised at this time. I really challenge each of you to just try to raise at least $500.00 each. It is truly not that difficult. If you just ask your friends and family to support your efforts, you will be surprised how the love for this work shows up in donations. Also, if you are not on the team, can not make the trip to Memphis, you can still raise money and donate it to the team. We have had people do bake sales, yard sales, Chili dinners, different things in their local area then donate the profit to our team. There are many ways you can help TEAM BELIEVE without making the trip to Memphis. Please pray about it, do what you feel you can do to support these kiddo's and help give them a chance at life. A CHANCE TO LIVE TO BECOME AN ADULT. I promise, if you only have an extra $5.00 that is a much needed $5.00 to St Jude! You can go to our team page (there is a link you can click on on the left side of this blog page right under the title of our page, it says donate to team). Just double click on that link and it will take you to our team page. Or if you want to make a donation to a particular team member, go to team page, as the list of names scrolls down the page, when you see the name of the Hero you want to make a donation to their page, just click on their name as it scrolls and that will take you directly to their page. At that time you can click on DONATE NOW an orange button, and make a secure online donation. It is sooooo very easy. PLEASE consider a donation of any amount. Maybe a little each month between now and the first of December if that fits your budget better.
Ok, so we have a great team... let's take our fundraising out of PARK and put it into DRIVE today! Over the past 3 years, this team has raised over 60,000.00 yes I did say OVER SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for St Jude. We can do this 20,000.00 if we set our hearts and our minds to it. Set up your personal goal page. If your a facebooker, put it on your facebook page. Write a letter, include why you are doing this and tell about our sweet Jordan that we are running in honor of this year, mail it out to everyone on your Christmas card list and friends in your neighborhood and church. I'll give you a little tip... when you mail out your letter include a self addressed envelop with it to make it easier for the recipient to put a check in there and mail it back to you. Give others an opportunity to be a part of this great effort.

OK, pump up cheer session is over for today :)

No news on any of the kids today. They will all be in here for scans and checkups next week. Be in prayer for great checkups and clear scans for each of them. Be in prayer for Preston and his donor. Your a wonderful group of prayer warriors and I know God hears our cries to him.

I did want to ask you for prayers for one of our prayer warriors and new TEAM BELIEVE members, Nan. Her father passed away this week. Please include her and her family in your prayers at this time. She will be traveling to be with her family, pray for safe travel also.

I know I will be in trouble for this one, but I did want to put as many of the names out of our sweet angels that have been a part of our lives over the past few years. I know I will leave some out, so please forgive me, and help me by reminding me of the ones I may leave out.

In remembrance of: Ethan, Maddie, Sully, Elizabeth, Reagan, Alex, Clay, Mallerie, Christian, Dax, Mary Kate, Mikey and James. There are so many many more but I know these are some of the ones this group embraced and prayed so hard for. Pray for their families.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe!


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