Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Few Changes In This Weeks Schedule

Good evening. I just wanted to let you know about a couple of things. First, Jack is here for his big scans and check-up. He is supposed to get started in the morning. Remember to keep Katie, Ryan and the other family members back home waiting to hear the reports in your prayers. Pray specifically for their peace as they await the results. Pray specifically for the results to show Jack remains CANCER FREE.

Trevor was to get in to Memphis tonight, however due to a flight cancellation, he will not arrive until tomorrow afternoon. So his MRI and other scans have be rescheduled for the 22nd. He will come in tomorrow and will have his treatment on Thursday and return home Thursday evening. Pray for their safe travel. Pray for their peace as they now will have to wait a couple of weeks longer for his scans to see if the current treatment is still being effective.

Preston will be in (I just realized what time it is now, so it is now today instead of tomorrow :)) today, to begin his process of transplant. Prayer specifics for him are for him to handle the treatment he will have to take to receive his transplant, and for the transplant to be successful. Pray for an easy journey for him.

Big Trevor now has a surgery date for his knee scope. It will be on Monday September 27th. Does this date sound familiar to you? It should :) It is the 100% Profit Day for Chili's! Keep those two things in mind and let one be a reminder for you of the other one. Plan now to eat a Chili's on the 27th. That is a way that you can help support St Jude from where ever you are.

I am very excited about a fundraiser opportunity to raise some money for Team Believe. My favorite Wolfchase Chili's has agreed to do one "Give Back" night each month during October, November and December. THIS IS HUGE! If you are not familiar with this program, Chili's will create a flyer for our team, we are responsible for passing it out to everyone we can to let them know if they eat at Chili's on that specific night AND present the flyer to their server, Chili's will donate a percentage of all meals served that night where the ticket is attached to our flyer. This can really add up depending on how many people show up to eat and turn in our flyer. They will do this one night each month through December for us!!! Have I told you how much I appreciate this particular Chili's location? I love what they do for our kiddo's! Guess what, Team Believe members, I bet you have a pretty good chance of getting your local Chili's to do the same for you where ever you live. It does not hurt to ask. Our first one is set for October 5th I believe.

I pray that each of you are enjoying your week and looking forward to a blessed weekend.

Keep those prayers going up!



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