Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I just wanted to give you an update on our team member, Brenda Bradley. Her lab results came back from the 10 lymph nodes that were taken and sent off for testing. The report showed that all 10 of the lymph nodes were cancerous. They have decided to not do a mastectomy at this time, but rather put in a port tomorrow and begin chemo treatment as soon as possible. I spoke with her yesterday and she was pretty down, I can only imagine... Several of you have asked about her address to mail her cards and care packages. I have her address, but I am not going to post her home address on the internet. If you would like to have her address to send something to her, please email me and I will email it back to you.

Let's continue to pray for her and for her family as they are all dealing with this news. Let's rally around each of them at this time.

Ariel is doing well. This begins her 3rd week of treatment. So far, other than a few hours each day of not feeling so well, she is doing really good. She has her family here with her, and they are fighting this fight together. Keep her in your prayers for this to go smoothly and quickly for her. After two more weeks of chemo each day, she will then begin a different protocol where she will be able to give herself a shot at home, and come back to Memphis once a month for the next year. I know they look forward to getting this everyday stuff behind them. I just might have to find a reason to keep them here, I will miss them greatly when they return home.

Keep the prayers going up for Jack. He is out of the hospital, and will be pushing this week's chemo back to next week to give him a little break before having to go back in. At this time, he is still in isolation so include in your prayers for this RSV to clear his little body so he can get out of isolation.

I hope that each of you are having a good week. Bless you, your the most awesome group of prayer warriors!!!



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