Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayers Needed

Brenda and Lenzy

Our friend, sister prayer warrior, and Team Believe member Brenda called me today to let me know the results from the test she has been undergoing for the past week had come back. The news was not what we had hoped to hear, but test show that Brenda has Breast Cancer. She will be having more test run on Monday to determine if and where it may have spread and if it involves the lymph system. I have talked with her several times, she has a really good attitude and spirit. She says she has complete trust in her doctor, and is ready to face whatever comes and ready to fight this. We stand behind and beside Brenda. We will walk with her and her family through this journey. I ask that you join us in prayer for Brenda. Our immediate prayer request is that the test on Monday will show that this cancer is contained and has not spread anywhere else or into the lymph nodes. Pray for Brenda's peace of mind and comfort, pray for her doctors and their wisdom to make the best decisions in her treatment. Thank you for supporting her. She is very much a part of our lives and has been with Team Believe from the beginning. She has made several trips to Memphis and to St Jude to visit some of our kiddo's in the past. She loves this prayer family very much and we love her. I will keep you posted as she gets results.

I will make an update post about our kiddo's from this week sometime tomorrow or Saturday morning. I have some pictures to post too. I just wanted to let you know about Brenda tonight.

Please pray for Jack He is very sick at this time. I saw Katie today, she looked so tired and worn down. Please pray for Jack, Katie and Ma. Check his CB page for more info.


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