Monday, February 15, 2010

God Is In Control

God didn't go halfway when he went to work on my behalf He did it all. Even when I couldn't feel him, even when I couldn't sense him, even when I wasn't holding on to him anymore. God worked on my behalf. He didn't need me to do a thing.

When I faced far worse than my worst imaginings, something unexpected and wonderful happened. I realized that God is in control and God is good- even when bad things happen in our lives.

Even though I didn't know what I might have to go through next, I could rest and accept it. Because now I knew that when I let go, I would fall into the strong hands of God.

Text written by Jan Dravecky

This is one of the quotes that surfaces quite a bit amongst our team members. GOD IS IN CONTROL. At times I think we forget to just turn lose and let him have the wheel, we try to keep one hand on the steering wheel too.

Thank you for your prayers for Brenda. She had more test done today, she did find out that the cancer is contained to the one breast and possibly one lymph node. They will schedule surgery tomorrow to remove the lymph node and do further testing. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

For our kiddo's...

Ariel is doing well. She finished her first full week of chemo this past week and began her second week today. She and Regina (mom) met up with me and we had a beauty salon day! They both got new haircuts and some new highlights. They looked great!!! Ariel was tired and not feeling to well by the end of the afternoon, but she had a good day up until the late afternoon. Maybe after some rest and getting her meds down, she will be feeling better soon. I took some pictures at the salon, I'll post them soon. I warned them that they would be going up on the blog!!! :) They had a full and busy weekend, I am so thankful she is feeling up to getting out and doing things in between treatments. This is such a wonderful and sweet family. They went to church with us on Sunday and then out to Jim and Nick's for lunch. Keep the prayers going for her successful treatment and for her to feel good.

Jack is still inpatient, but thankfully he is beginning to feel better. He had lots of family come to visit for the weekend and that really perked him up. I know that had to help Katie feel better to see him better. His counts are coming up, so keep praying for him to get better and for the next test for RSV to show that it is gone! He needs to get out of isolation soon. Keep the prayers going up for him and for the family.

Little Trevor was in last week, he was not feeling very well even before treatment. I have not talked to Melinda since they returned home, so I am not sure how he was feeling after treatment. If I remember correctly, when he comes back next, they will be doing another MRI to see how his tumor is responding to the chemo. Please keep him in your prayers for the MRI to show definite reduction in the tumor. This should be in the next week or two.

Jordan was in all week last week for his 2 year post transplant check up. I am so very thankful to say "Thank You Lord, we give every single ounce of the glory to You Lord for another CANCER FREE checkup!" Jordan is so amazing, he is growing up so fast. I can't tell you how much fun it was to spend the week with him and Chancelly. He is just an amazing little 2 and half year old. One of the highlights of the week, was getting to watch him with the camera guys. He is going to be the featured patient in the next issue of PROMISE magazine for St Jude. They met up with Chance and Jordan a couple of times to get photo's to use in the magazine... he ate it up!!!! He is definitely quite the social one. Please pray a prayer of praise for the miracle that Jordan received. Pray for God to continue to show his mercy on Jordan and that he will remain cancer free. Chancelly graduated from the University in December, please include her in your prayers for her to be able to find a job. She is an awesome young lady, very talented and definitely a hard worker. Pray for her to find a job soon where she can have good insurance and provide well for herself and Jordan. They truly deserve to be happy. Jordan was able to meet Ariel, they hit it off. He bought her a teddy bear for Valentines Day.... I did remind her that he is MY VALENTINE!!!! LOL Let's see, she is 16 and he is 2.... he was so cute trying to say her name. She enjoyed seeing him be quite the comedian. Good medicine for both of them.

Happy belated Valentine's Day to each of you. Praying for all of the families of our sweet Angels in Heaven. Each of you are loved so much and missed terribly.

If you are on Facebook, look up Cherish Every Moment and join this group. This is a page dedicated to Dax to raise awareness and money for St Jude. Austin and Julie's goal is to raise enough money to run the hospital for one day in Memory and Honor of Dax. This is a wonderful goal and I know with the help of everyone passing the word and making a donation regardless of how large or small, they will be able to accomplish this goal. CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!!!


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