Monday, February 8, 2010

God's Best Surprises

Happy Birthday sweet ^Elizabeth Grace Dunford^! The angels are having a Pink Party with beautiful yummy heavenly pink cupcakes today. Elizabeth would be 3 today. Please keep her family and her St Jude family in your prayers today. She is so loved and so missed.

Sometimes when you least expect it, God sends us the most beautiful reminders that He is in our lives. This morning was one of those mornings for us. We went to bed last night expecting rain today.... this is what we woke up to early this morning

Later after the sun came up... this is the beauty around us. Thank You God for the surprise gift you sent to us today.

Take every opportunity to find God's beauty all around you. It is everywhere every day. Some days it is just more apparent than others. In the south, days like today are few and far between so we do get really excited about them. Yes, it's true what you hear... all of the people rush to the stores and buy up all of the milk and bread and bottle water on days like this. At my house, we stock up on hot cocoa and stuff to make snow cream!!! Enjoy your day whatever you find yourself doing, give God the praise and the glory for His beautiful day.

Lot's going on this week around St Jude. Ariel is back in Memphis after a weekend at home with her family and friends. She begins treatment today. Please keep her in your prayers. It's always tough the first week since you have no idea what to expect. Pray for her peace and an easy time with the treatment. Pray for no sickness.

Little Trevor and Jordan will both be coming in tomorrow (weather permitting). Trevor has his treatment, Jordan begins his week long process of the 2 year post transplant check up. Please pray for safe travel for both of them. Pray for another ALL CLEAR NO CANCER for Jordan!!!

Jack will be braving the elements to get back and forth for his radiation treatments this week. I would love to have seen his face this morning when he saw all of this snow!! Pray for him to have a good week with his radiation.

Pray for all the St Jude kiddo's and families.


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