Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Day - New Friends

Amber, Gage, Lindsey, Cody, Ashley and Ariel

Good Evening! Today has been a really awesome day. School was closed again today for the ice/snow, so I was able to take some of our wonderful kids from our youth group with me to "The Jude" to visit Ariel. They got a double treat because they also had the privilege to meet big Trevor. I think I am in a little bit of trouble with Trevor because I did not ever bring them down with me when he was here...:( I'm so sorry Trevor, I will do my best to make it up to you. The kids all seemed to hit it off and enjoy being together. Ariel and Amber are very sweet and do not seem to meet a stranger. They are very friendly and outgoing. Hopefully these kiddo's can get together more while Ariel is here for treatment. Trevor got to meet up with Ariel and Amber too, I know they will be St Jude buddies now and Trevor can really show them "the ropes" around St Jude. I love to see new friendships forming!! No pathology reports for Ariel yet, hopefully soon. Keep praying for those excellent reports.

Big Trevor had his MRI done today, they will not get any of his results back until his appointments tomorrow. As with each check up, they are on pins and needles, so to speak, until the results come back. Pray for his ALL CLEAR.

Garrett Hearn, family member of our Grannycad from the prayer room, will have his FINAL CHEMO treatment tomorrow!!!! What an awesome thing for me to get to type!! I can only imagine how excited Garrett and his family are. I hope to get by the Med Room to give him a hug, and join some of the No Moe Chemo party. Pray for Garrett to remain CANCER FREE forever!!!

Jack is doing great and feeling great. He will go inpatient tomorrow for his next round of chemo if there is room for him inpatient. The hospital is full right now. That is not a good thing :( Pray for Jack as he goes through this next round. With it on top of his radiation, this will be a hard week for him. He is just to dog gone cute to not feel good! Pray that he will do well and continue to feel good.

I got a message today from a friend in Mississippi, she is asking for prayer request for a young teen girl involved in a car accident recently. She is in The Med here in Memphis in ICU in very critical condition. She really needs all of the prayers she can get. I told her that we sure had the prayer warriors to send up prayers on her behalf. I am asking you to join me in praying for Rikki Thompson and for her full recovery. I will check to see if the family has set up a caringbridge site for her.

I hope you all have started off the week with a wonderful day. Enjoy your week!


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