Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Good afternoon. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying hopefully some warmer weather and sunshine in your area. It has been beautiful here in Memphis today. The sun is shining and it is cool but not to bad. I just got home from St Jude and it was such a beautiful day to walk around the campus there today. I did not see Ariel, she had already finished up her treatment for the day and had gone back to the Ron Mac house for her afternoon nap. She will have a full day tomorrow, so I will see her then. I can not believe that she has been here, had surgery, began her chemo treatments and now is one week away from going home. It has gone by so fast! She will continue with some form of treatment for one year, but she will be doing it herself at home, coming back for check ups about every 3 to 4 weeks. She has done great! I will miss the family being around, but I am very happy that this part of her journey is almost over and the next phase will be starting. Prayers are with her and her family for a very long happy CANCER FREE life. If you have not had a chance to read up on her CB site, take the time and read her journal. This is an amazing family with such a sweet spirit and love for our Lord. They have really been a blessing to many patients around them. I just love the way this works out, families taking care of each other. In a short 5 weeks, they have touched so many people already. They will be missed around here!

I got to see Jack for just a bit. I took him his special John Deere handmade quilt, made by my sweet friends Mike and Pru. He was not smiling to much today, but he did manage to smile when he saw the quilt. Katie said he woke up in a "not so good" mood and the day had just continued on that status. It's like I told her, he is totally entitled to have days like that! Please pray for him to feel better and to have a really good evening and much better tomorrow. He did test negative for the RSV virus, so thank goodness he is now out of isolation. This is really a big thing for a little guy. Check his site, he only has about 8 or 9 radiation treatments left now!!! WooHoo for that!!!! Please pray for him and for the burn and pain involved with this radiation treatment.

Big Trevor will be coming in at the end of the week for his check up. Praying for excellent results on his labs and test.
Heather will be coming in toward the end of the month for her 3 month check up. Pray for safe travel for both Heather and Trevor and their mom's and for the ALL CLEAR for both of them.

Little Trevor's MRI showed no growth in his tumor!!! It is still stable. That is great news! He will continue with his treatments and pray that the next MRI will show that the tumor is actually shrinking or that it will be gone!

Spring Break will be coming up for all of the school kids in the next few weeks. I know several of the families have really nice trips planned. I hope that each of you will enjoy this time with your families whatever you end up doing. For us.... the time will be spent on the baseball field! The story of our life, but I LOVE it. I pray for safe travel and fun times for everyone.

Hugs your babies today, regardless of how young or how old they may be. God bless you, have a very blessed day!


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