Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Have Work To Do, We Can Do It!

I don't know about you, but I am more than determined than ever to make a commitment to make a stand to do whatever I can to help raise awareness and money to help St Jude and the families who are treated there. This year has been the most difficult year. I truly hope that we can end this year with a positive contribution to the fight against Childhood Cancer!!! There is still plenty of time to continue our efforts to raise money for the marathon. We are over $11,000.00 with more money out that is not on the total yet, but we still have a gap to fill to reach our goal of $25,000.00. I KNOW we CAN do this!!! I am very excited about what we have done so far, don't let up, don't give up!! If you are not a big online donation person, and would feel more comfortable making a donation by check, you may do so by mailing a check MADE OUT TO ST JUDE to the following P. O. Box address. This is the PO Box we use for our Team shirt orders and any other correspondence for our team members. Again, if you are more comfortable, you may make a donation by check and mail it to the team PO Box. MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO ST JUDE

Mail to:

Team Believe
P. O. Box 210
Brunswick, TN 38014

I ask each of you who come to this site to be in prayer about what you can do to help out too. If you made a donation weeks back and are now in a position where you can make another donation of any amount $5, $10.00 whatever.... I ask you to please consider doing so. Do it in memory of one of our seven sweet angels who have gone home to be with Jesus this year. Do it in honor of one of our sweethearts who are still fighting this battle. Do it in honor of those in remission who live each day with the "fear" of "what if it comes back?" Do it in memory of our sweet sweet Mary Kate whom we are dedicating this marathon to this year. There are so many reasons to make a donation or make an additional donation. Just think, skipping one movie night out this month, or one lunch or dinner out this month, or even one morning stop at Starbucks and give that money in a donation to Team Believe for St Jude. Will you really REALLY miss that amount, that meal, that cup of coffee??? Do you realize what that money can do for St Jude? If I sound like I am begging.... I AM! If I have stepped on any toes, I am sorry, I was aiming at your heart! One child lost to this beast is to many!!!! If you look at "OUR FRIENDS" list on the left hand side of this page you will see seven names now enclosed in angel wings ^^. There were none in January of 2009, this year. Now there are seven, SEVEN!!! Please join me in whatever effort you can to help make a difference to make that number a big fat zero 0 for next year.
I do not know if you are aware, but this past week was a very difficult week at ALSAC. It has been on the news but I am not sure if it has been national news or just our local news, but ALSAC had to let 70 of their employees go from their jobs this past week. That is very scary to me. ALSAC as you know is the fundraising division for St Jude. I know they will protect the hospital and the treatment care for the children first, but if funds are low coming in, it scares me to think what could be an outcome to this situation. So again, I beg you to do what you can. Share with your friends, family, neighbors, co workers ...anyone about St Jude and the work they do there. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Lindsey, Team Gavin posted yesterday that she and some friends made $200.00 at a yard sale on Friday that they held for the proceeds to go to the team for St Jude. They were having the yard sale again yesterday, I have not heard how they did yesterday. Everyone has somethings to "de-clutter". Do as Lindsey did and ask your friends to help out by donating their "clutter" items to your sale too. Again, every dollar makes a difference. Way to go Lindsey! Your awesome!!! Lindsey knows first hand about the care that St Jude gives to patients and families, she just wants to do what she can to give back to the hospital that gave her son a second chance at life! She has her son now.

We need to finalize hotel plans this week. All rooms will go back into guest availability at full price after this week. At this point everyone should know what is going on and have travel arrangements made. Also, I need to get a preliminary count on who will be attending our team dinner on Friday night December 4th. You will be receiving an email with more details on this in the next day or so. Please begin to email me with your RSVP either way, yes or no. I need to give Macaroni Grill an estimated head count and I need to make sure I have enough table and chairs reserved at the fellowship hall. This is a preliminary count and not the final count, but please let me know.

I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS YEAR! There are several people out there working very hard to help put this together this year. This tells you how big this is getting! I want to thank Allison my co-captain who is doing a great job helping with the communications and fundraising! Also Susan in Texas and Brenda in Arkansas for helping with our "goodie bags" this year. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP THIS YEAR! Keep in mind we have several St Jude families who will be joining us again this year. I hope you are as excited to see a few familiar faces with us again and also to have the opportunity to meet some of the families that you have been supporting with encouragement and prayer this past year. They are excited to meet you, the people who have been praying for them. I am so excited that it is getting to the point I can hardly sleep at night. I just lie awake thinking and planning in my head. As always, I am getting excited to see everyone again! Our one time a year to see each other. I encourage anyone who reads this blog to join us next year. This is one amazing event and we have such an awesome time together doing good for a WONDERFUL AND GREAT HOSPITAL! We do it for the kids!


oh yea.... I'll throw out another teaser, as of this week, I have yet another surprise for you when you get here :)



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