Friday, November 20, 2009

Leave Us A Comment To Let Us Know What You Are Thankful For

10:32am UPDATE!

Our new team total as of this time is $15,645.00. I just made a $1,000.00 team donation for our t-shirt fundraiser!!! Thank you to everyone who purchased a Mary Kate Team Believe T-shirt. We are now, $250.45 behind the #10 team in the Top Ten!!! Keep checking the totals.... I know there are checks in the office that are not yet posted.

Good morning.... IT'S FRIDAY!!

God Is So Good, have you stopped to thank Him today for His kindness, mercy and everlasting love? We are all so blessed, even when we hit "road bumps" in life. Some "bumps" may be more like Mt. Everest... but God is there with us no matter how big or small the bump is. What a great comfort and peace of mind to have this blessed assurance if we only stop in the bumps and storms to remember He is always with us. Thanksgiving is coming up, let's continue to keep leaving comments on here telling us what you are thankful for. Thank you to those of you who have left comments of thanksgiving. It is great to hear from you.

Today is the deadline day for team competition with our fundraising! This does not mean that you can't continue to raise money and turn it in. It will still post on our team totals, but the competition to rank in the top ten and get your incentives will be over. We can still keep working to reach our team goal of $25,000.00 As of this morning we are at $14,545.00!!!! I know there are more checks that have been turned in that are not listed yet. Thank you to everyone who has been working so hard to raise money for St Jude and the kids. I went to a meeting this week for the Hero's program. I was so proud of each member of Team Believe, believe me when I tell you this team is known and recognized by the Marathon coordinators. You guys are all very special and have touched the hearts of Mr. Beck and his staff. I have shared different stories about you with them, but they can look at the make up of this team and the efforts to bring in money for St Jude and see what a special group of people you are. The simple fact that each of you join this team, travel here to participate and most of you do not even have a child who has been treated at St Jude, speaks for itself. It's your heart and love for others that bring you together. I am so proud of each of you and love to hear the very kind comments made about you at these meetings. Thank you to each of you, we started this team 3 years ago with about 21 people, we have 40+ this year. I am expecting around 100 people for our team dinner!!! THAT IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

Speaking of dinner... it is going to be a great and uplifting evening. We will have several very special folks with us that I am anxious for you to meet. We will begin at 6:30 in the evening. The meal will be catered by Macaroni Grill. The cost is 10.00 per person ,just like last year. Only they will bring the food to us this year. We will have more room and a private setting. Since we will be at the church fellowship hall, they will not have credit card machines, so please bring cash to cover the cost of your meals. Sorry for that inconvenience but I think being able to be back in our private setting will be worth it. And YES, to answer the question I have been asked by many.... we will have that YUMMY team cake again this year. I do plan for our Saturday night "hang out" complete with Memphis BBQ and CHEESECAKE!!! It's a good thing we are walk/running this stuff off. Most people come to Memphis for the marathon to run... we come to EAT!!! An event has to have it's benefits... right? Oh yea, don't forget lunch right after the run at the awesome burger place downtown!!! And lunch on Sunday at Macaroni Grill!!!! For those reading that and thinking Mac Grill twice.... Macaroni Grill has been VERY kind and generous to our team, so we have gone back on Sunday afternoon after church for lunch to support them and show our appreciation to them. Beside, can one really get to much of Mac Grill? I don't want to leave Chili's Restaurant out of our list of credits either...those coming in on Thursday to help me set up and get ready for our dinner, will be dining with our wonderful Chili's friends on Thursday evening. We have to support them too!

I just want to ask you again to keep all of the St Jude families in your prayers as we enter into the holiday season. This is the most difficult time of the year for them. Pray for them. Send them a card or message to let them know they are being embraced and lifted up in prayer. Many of them have their addresses listed on their caringbridge page, mail a card. $3.00 very well spent!!!

I want to remind you again that I have posted a new link on our Friends list, Jack Bruce. Please check on him and pray for this precious family.

Have a great weekend! Make the most of the time you have to spend with your family.



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