Sunday, November 29, 2009

Patience... just a few more days!!!!

I can not believe that we are FINALLY to the big St Jude Marathon week!! Everyone has been working so hard to get ready and get prepared for this big weekend. I don't know about any of you, but I am so ready I can't stand it. If you have not ever been a part of this special event that benefits St Jude, I encourage you to check into it, ask questions, you can leave a comment with your email address and one of us can reply to you. We welcome anyone who desires to be a part of this fab group to join us. We meet daily here at this site and in the chat room located at the bottom of this blog page, and then our biggie is when we meet once a year in December for the St Jude Memphis Marathon weekend. Yes, we get so much out of this but what we are able to do and give to St Jude is the most awesome and amazing feeling of helping these kid's fighting so hard for their life!!!

Have you checked our team page lately to see our amount raised so far? I got a message today from Allison, she is so fun! She told me she was so tired of seeing our team being $25.00 short of $17,000.00 that she donated $26.00 to get us over the hump of the big $17,000.00!!!! What a giving heart! She is in the #2 spot with $1,841.00 raised so far!!! Allison, I want to thank you here for your hard work with fundraising and for being an awesome captain for our team! Allison does alot of our communications and high tech computer stuff that I don't have a clue how to do! She helps with the t-shirt orders with our Pay Pal process. Over my head! These are just a few of the many things she does behind the scenes. Thank you for all your help. I know I could not do what I do without your help. Thank You! I think I have mentioned before, but I know that once or even twice is not enough, but I want to thank Susan and Brenda for their help with putting together our "goodie bags" for this year. That has been a group effort and it has helped me tremendously. For those wondering about "goodie bag", it's a little something special for those that make the trip and participate in the marathon event. It usually has some really cool things like bandaids for blisters, chapstick for chapped lips after a cold run, Advil for sore muscles, etc. We usually manage to have a few edible goodies and surprises too! It's a small thing, but a fun thing to show appreciation to our team members. The good news, if you join up with us next year you can get one too! I have a really cool surprise this year, that I am about to bust for the weekend to get here so I can "let the cat out of the bag".

I do want to ask each of you to be praying for this group as they travel to Memphis this week. Please pray for quite a few of our St Jude families who will be traveling to be here with us too. There are several who will be having their check up's while here this week, keep them in prayer for all clear on their scans and test! I want to ask you to be praying for the success of this event for St Jude. This money is so necessary to keep the doors open and the work going at St Jude. Pray for this to be the best one yet! I have some stats that I plan to put together as soon as things slow a bit, I will share them with you all when I get them together. I think you will find them amazing. Please be in prayer for Team Believe and for the efforts this group does as a group and also on their own to help others that most of us never even know about. Thank You Lord for Team Believe. In Christ Name, Amen

Keep Jack in your prayers. He has another big week coming up. Check out his cb page for more details. I will tell you, I went to visit him on Thanksgiving day and he is such a little heart throb!!! He is just so precious. FYI, he is a John Deere kindof man, big time!!!

Keep Dax in your prayers. He is inpatient in the hospital back home and Julie feels he will be staying there. I know they know what they are facing, but if it is this hard for me to type I can only imagine how difficult it is for them. Please keep them close to your heart and in your constant prayers for God to be holding them and giving them peace. Pray for Dax to be comfortable and pain free. Pray for his peace.

Heather, Gavin and little Trevor will all be here this week for treatments and checkups. Be praying for the all clears and good labs for each of them. We praise God for how well each of these kiddo's are doing.

I hope each of you enjoyed being with your family and eating lots of turkey and DRESSING for Thanksgiving! You know I am a southern gal and we just don't know anything about that "stuffing" stuff! :) Whatever you call it, or whatever you ate, I hope it was time well spent with friends and family.

Ok, the official countdown is on..... 6 days till the gunshot at the start line!!!! .. Oh yea... Ellen Taylor, our little sweet Ellen will be singing the National Anthem for the start of the marathon this year! How cool is that!!! Congrats to Ellen on the big honor and good luck. She is 5 years old and will be singing in front of approximately 20,000 people next Saturday morning!!! How sweet, I can not wait to hear her! Good Luck Ellen. We are so proud of you!




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