Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy July 4th!! - PART 2


Something else just shared by a fellow prayer warrior..... "RELAX..... GOD IS IN CONTROL!" Amen, can I hear an AMEN from you?????

Father God, open the eyes of my heart that I might know You better. Help me hear Your voice and see Your handiwork in my life more clearly. Help me to never get lulled into the rhythm of life and become immune to Your gentle nudges. I pray Your words will be fresh and new every time I read them. I cry out with the psalmist, David, "Awake my soul!" I pray that I will be alert to the spiritual workings around me and on guard with the Sword of the Spirit ready to meet whatever comes. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

This prayer was shared with me by one of our wonderful prayer warrior's who has walked in the same shoes as most of our families we follow here on this site. I just loved this prayer, I need to pray this prayer daily and accept whatever comes my way in a christian way, with a christian heart. Thank you for sharing!!

I hope that each of you are getting ready for a wonderful holiday weekend. Enjoy your family, be safe in your activities. We are out of town, yes again, and getting ready to be with some of our family for the weekend. We have several July birthdays in our family, so we try to get together and have one big July birthday gathering. Speaking of birthday, I hope each of you have had a chance to read up on Jordan's update. Jordan will be turing TWO tomorrow. So hard to believe, but he is growing up right in front our eyes. We are so thankful that he is healthy and we look forward to him celebrating many many more birthdays.

The holidays come and go, and we celebrate and gather with our friends and family, but I want to encourage each of you to keep our families in your hearts and prayers. For some of them it is their first holiday to have to be away from home and in the hospital, for others it is yet ANOTHER holiday that they will find themselves away from those they love and want to be with so much. Please let them know you are thinking about them and they still have prayer warriors praying for them. Holidays can be really lonely for these families.

I have not seen Mallerie this week, but I have heard through the grapevine that she had a better day yesterday, hopefully each day will be better and she will be out of ICU and back over in the Chili's Center really soon. I sure miss her sweet smile when I don't see her. Please keep lifting her up in prayer for her lungs to be healed. I again want to say thank you for each of you who joined us in prayer on Monday night to lift up Mallerie to God for His healing. Prayer Works.....

Please, please keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers... maybe a little overtime right now. They have so much going on right now. Elizabeth had a second liver biopsy yesterday and as you can only imagine, the family is on pins and needles awaiting the results from this biopsy. I spoke with Michelle this morning and she is very concerned, and has knot's in her stomach waiting for the results to come in and to know what they are facing. Please pray for her peace and for God to hold her in his arms during this time. Elizabeth has now been inpatient for another week... thank goodness Michelle's mom was able to come this week to help her out. Also, to add more to this sweet family..... they have made the decision to move their family to the Memphis area to be closer to St Jude and also still be able to carry on a somewhat normal life. Honestly, is that even possible.... even a "somewhat" normal life when you have a child on a journey with cancer???? DJ has been back home the past few days packing their house up and loading it on to A truck.... well as of this morning, the ONE truck has turned into 2 trucks and 2 trailers!!!! And they are not finished yet, so who knows? At this time, the plan is for him along with a family member to drive the trucks pulling the trailers back tomorrow and trying to get the furniture and boxes unloaded and into the house tomorrow afternoon. Please keep them in your prayers, it is alot going on at one time but they are strong and have a very strong faith and know that God has in hand in all of this. Stop and think about this one.... in todays economy, they put their house on the market on the fourth of June and got a contract on it I think by the 12th of June!!!! Keep in mind, Michelle has not even been home in that house in a year!!!! DJ must have done a great job getting the house ready to put on the market. God is so AWESOME and works in wonderful ways. Please be praying for this move and transition for their family.

If you have not seen the latest video "I Wanna Go Home" made by Pam and Trevor.... it is a BLOCKBUSTER MUST SEE!!!! Go to his cb page and check it out..... It will provide you with your laugh and your cry for the day. It is funny, but to stop and think they JUST WANT TO GO HOME!!!! It rips your heart out to think, he just wants to be a normal guy, with a normal life AT HOME!! Please pray for them to hear the words they so want to hear..... GO HOME!!!! We love you Trevor, but we want you to be able to GO HOME too!!!!

Reagan is having a really good time, it's one big party at their house. I am so thankful that her family is so devoted to making everyday a wonderful day for Reagan and the entire family. She is feeling well, and going full force. Keep them in your heart and in prayer.

Morgan is LOVING being at home and getting back into the normal routine of things. She is anxiously waiting for her car, people in her area..... beware of the new driver on the road!!!! Good luck Morgan, we are all so happy for you!!!

Great News for Alex and Dax.... they are doing well and Dax got a great report and I think he will be heading home soon. Please keep all of these kiddo's in prayer..... Salena is doing great and they were hoping for a pass to go home for the holiday weekend! I know that will do both LaDonna and Salena alot of good.

I just got a text from Jordan's grandmom... I'll share it with you in closing today

"Good Morning! I wanted to share my breakfast with you. A plate of love. A bowl of peace. A spoon of hope. A fork of care. A glass of prayer. Now you share!"

Have a great holiday weekend!


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  1. Amen way to go Elizabeth------thank you God