Friday, July 10, 2009

Amazing How One Little Person Touches So Many....

God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me.
God answers prayers, God answers prayers, God answers prayers, He's so good to me.
I love him so, I love him so, I love him so, He's so good to me.....

You know the song... keep it in your heart and sing it everyday!!!

Here I sit, tears running down my face.....

I have been reading through some of the entries on Elizabeth's guestbook. This is something I do not normally do, I leave messages but I do not often read messages left by others. Tonight I did. DJ said something about the messages and how awesome they were today so I decided to read through some of them. God is so wonderful and His people are the best on this earth. With this much love behind you, you have to feel it as it embraces you. I know how much strength Elizabeth's family is gaining from each and every message left. One message in particular that tugged at my heart stings was from Elizabeth's doctor. That message was so powerful and says so much about the love shared between doctors and families at St Jude. It is totally like no other hospital you will ever find. I do not take ANYTHING away from some of the most wonderful hospitals all across the states. They have the knowledge, the technology, the equipment, but they do not have the St Jude staff and the heart that operates St Jude. I do not know how to explain it, but it is different. Jason Farrar (Sully's dad) and I were talking to Dr Sara (Elizabeths doctor) yesterday. I made the comment to her that you just do not find doctors like her anywhere, and she replied "oh yes you do" and Jason's follow up comment was "only at St Jude"!! I say to that....AMEN!!! In times of crisis, you see things that you take for granted on a daily basis when things are going good. In a crisis, these families see what the doctors and the staff do to come to your rescue. I am so thankful for St Jude and the staff from doctors, research teams, all the way to the cafeteria staff, cleaning staff, security... each one has a very important job to do, and each one makes each patient and family member feel special. Yes, there are times that a family can get quite frustrated with someone on staff, that is normal, but I do feel bottom line each person connected to St Jude does have a heart for these kids and does love them.

Elizabeth is about the same today... stable but in serious condition. If you have read her update today, you know they still do not know what they are dealing with. This is so scary. I continue to be so amazed at the strength that Michelle and DJ show us each day. They put every ounce of their faith and belief in God's power to heal Elizabeth and the power of prayer. So I beg you, please keep Elizabeth in your prayers each day. Please continue to keep the entire family lifted up in prayer. As of late this afternoon, the game plan is to operate on her liver on Monday to remove some of these spots and see if they can figure out from that what they are dealing with. I pray that they can just figure out what is going on, then I pray that they have the treatment for it. My heart tells me that God will take care of that prayer request. Our God is an AWESOME God!

I talked to Melinda today, little Trevor T had a good visit at St Jude this week. They did his MRI yesterday, but will not know the results for a couple of days. She will call me and update his caringbridge site when she knows. He is feeling better and he looked great. Please be praying that the MRI will show shrinkage in his tumors.

I also talked with Barbara (Reagan's grandmother) today. She said Reagan is having so much fun doing all kinds of really neat things. She has been having some headaches each day this past week or so, but they are able to control them with the minimum of medication. They are thankful for that. She has been eating very well and feeling good. We thank God for each day that she has that she is able to go and enjoy herself and her family. Please keep this precious family lifted up in prayer too. They are doing such wonderful things for Reagan, Avery and Caleb.. they have a new step brother!!! Congratulations to Shawn and Karisa. They are doing a wonderful job keeping Reagan comfortable and peaceful while having a total blast!!!! I think I want to go spend a weekend with them.... they know how to have a good time!!!

Please keep all of the St Jude kids and the other kids fighting this nasty disease in other hospitals in your prayers. Please pray for Alex Denton and his family. They got the most dreaded news yesterday that Alex's cancer is back. They have a game plan for treatment, please pray that is is successful and Alex will be healed. Keep praying for big Trevor V, Ryan, Mallerie, Clay, Salena and Harley. There are others... keep each one lifted up in prayer for God's healing.

Thank you again to each one who joined in last nights Prayer Vigil for Elizabeth and some of the other kids. I just don't think God ever gets tired of hearing from us!!!

Pray and Pray some more....

Goodnight sweet kiddo's, may God's healing hand be on each of you tonight :)


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