Friday, July 17, 2009

Praying Just Makes You Feel Better and Have A Better Day!

PART 2 - 10:08 PM


But Jesus said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Morning, is it really Friday again? I hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend this weekend. I am just very thankful to hear our weather report of cooler weather over the weekend. But, I am not complaining.... in the big picture, what do I have to complain about???

Elizabeth moved from ICU to transplant unit last night. Please pray for her today, she is a very sick little girl. They have planned to do a procedure today to introduce some of DJ's cells to fight the virus cells in her body that are causing this PTLD. She has not had a good night last night, so the report I got this morning is they are not sure what if anything they will be doing today. The MRI that they scheduled for this morning has been postponed. Please pray for her to be able to pee, pray for DJ's cells to be big time fighters and kick some "booty" against these bad guy cells, pray for Michelle, DJ, Charlie, Andrew and the rest of their family as they are hurting right now.

I got a call from Shawn yesterday, he said Reagan is having some really good days mixed in with some not so good ones. I don't know if you have checked her site or not but if your in Texas... you might want to watch the sky in the next coming days for flying reindeer and a big fat jolly man in a red suit! :) It is Christmas in July at the Richard's resident. Now how cool is that!!! Please keep this family in your prayers too. I absolutely love the love this family has for Reagan and all they are doing with her and for her. If love could heal cancer, this would be one of the most healthy boys or girls in the world!!!

I heard there was a missing person report out at St Jude for one missing young man by the name of Trevor V. ;) Just kidding... Trevor got a "yes" from Dr. No (who is now becoming Dr. Yes) to make a sneak trip up to the Chicago area. They have taken a little weekend trip to go visit Aunti Cam as a surprise to her. They had a safe trip up and a successful surprise. Aunti Cam thought she was just going out to eat pizza with some of her family, but when she arrived at the restaurant and was seated she realized that Trevor and Pam were sitting amongst the other family members, guess she was not expecting that at all. They all had a fun time with the surprise and it is so good for Trevor and Pam both to get away and enjoy the "real" world for a weekend. Pray for their safe return home. The plan is for them to finish the "pack up" and to go home this week. This has been a long time coming for them. Please pray that all continues to go well and nothing changes their plans to move home.

I talked to LaDonna last night and she said that if all continues to go well with Salena, they will be released to go home in 3 weeks. WOOHOO!! If you recall, her transplant was a very high risk, so much so that St Jude sent her to Chicago to have it done so they could have a cardiologist and kidney specialist on staff at the hospital in case of post transplant problems for her. We are so thankful that she has really done so very well with her transplant. Just pray for her continued success and to remain cancer free... forever!! They have had a really tough time since her diagnosis, but with God's healing hand, Salena has come through like a champ.

Clay is doing very well and is making plans to move home this next week too. He was a high risk to and God has brought him through to his cancer free status too. Please pray for nothing to come up and get in this little guys way of going home. God has been so good.

Alex V is really having a hard time. I have not talked to her but just got an update on her page yesterday. I will call Joan, I think the update says they are coming to Memphis next week, so I will plan to see them and find out more about what is going on and what they need our specific prayers for her to be. Just be praying for her and for their safe trip.

Jordan will be coming in this next week too for his routine check up. Please pray for him to be just fine, all counts where they need to be and for him to remain cancer free FOREVER :) One of these days when they come back for a visit, I just know they are gonna let me keep him for a week or so! As much as I would love to have him visit, I don't think that will ever happen. They are afraid I would not give him back!!! LOL He is just precious.

I got to see Tabitha and Jason Farrar this past week. I am so amazed by this precious family. They want to much to give back to other families that are suffering the same pain that they did with Sully's journey. Jason went to help the Dunford's move into their new home in Memphis and has continued to reach out to DJ to offer his help and support. Tabitha came to the hospital this week to meet Elizabeth and offer her comfort to the family too. I stand amazed at their love for others and their strength. I know how hard this is for them to do, but they do it for their little hero. Hannah and Max are doing great. Hannah is such an amazing young girl. Max is known by all as the "chunky monkey". He is just precious and is over 18 lbs. at 4 months. He is one healthy baby!! Oh and by the way... he is NOT spoiled at all! Watch out for lightning bolts!!!! I keep telling Tab, he is NOT spoiled but "very well taken care of". He is just too cute. Please continue to pray for them, they are approaching the year anniversary of Sully going home. This is a very difficult time for them.

Please keep Alex D, Dax, Mallerie and Ryan in your prayers. Pray for each one to be and to remain cancer free. We pray for Mal to be disease free and for healthy lungs.

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