Sunday, July 12, 2009

Believing and Doing Our Best.....

Even in the rain today.... God is EVERYWHERE! Just look around you.....

I made a little escape last night, my husband along with a couple of our sons and their friends came down to Pickwick for a day on the river....but it's raining today. It's okay, we have our fingers crossed for it to clear off. The boys don't seem to mind, they just put on jeans and boots and left to go find a mud hole on the four wheelers.... look for the best in every situation, right!

I am assuming everything with Elizabeth is about the same as yesterday. I talked with DJ last night and she was about the same, just taking the meds necessary to prepare her for tomorrow. He says that they are fine, just need lots and lots and LOTS of prayers. They ask that we spread Elizabeth's name to every prayer list that we know of. Her name and caringbridge site has been added to the prayer list at the church I attend and I have ask the office to help spread it around to the other congregations in the Memphis area. If we all do that it can really spread. You remember how wide spread Ethan's name was and how fast it spread. We need to be storming the heavens with sweet Elizabeth's name. Our heavenly Father, we come to You with one simple plea. Lord, PLEASE heal Elizabeth. We pray for her to be a light that shines for You Lord for many many years to come. In Christ name, AMEN
Please keep the family members in your prayers as well as some of them will be traveling back to their homes today. Pray for safe travel. Please be praying for the surgery tomorrow on her liver. Specifically pray that it goes well, they are able to determine what they are dealing with, pray for the bleeding to be under control and pray for no infection to set in. Michelle and DJ thank you from the bottom of their hearts for each and every prayer. You can also send them cards of encouragement if you like... the hospital address is listed on her caringbridge site. Just put her name Elizabeth Dunford and ICU along with the St Jude address. They will get them.

Alex D needs our prayers too. We can just pray the same prayer for him... for God to heal him, to take this nasty beast out of his precious little body.

From what I am hearing Mallerie is making great progress! Keep praying, the prayers are working! Isn't that a great thing to witness!!!!

Trevor seems to be doing very well, for this we are all thankful! I know they are so ready to hear those words... move out and go home. 16 year old guys should be out doing the "guy" things and not stuck in a hospital. No child should be stuck in a hospital like these kids are, that brings me to another prayer request.... please pray with me for a cure for all cancers to be found and for this ugly stuff to be a thing of the past!! Thank goodness Trevor is out patient at this time, Pam has been able to be a huge help to the Dunford's. This is just one example of the love between these St Jude families and how they pull for each other the best they can. It's awesome to witness.

We have all been missing Marcella (aka Dixie Gal) in the room lately. She and her mom have gone to Italy to visit family. She is missing everyone and says to say hello to you all from her. Today is her birthday, the big 21 !!! Pray for their safe travels.

Don't forget the marathon!!!!! I have still not received my packet, don't know if anyone else has received theirs or not, but hopefully soon they will arrive. I will tell you... Team Trevor is in the lead at this point in fundraising..... We need to get on the ball TEAM BELIEVE!!!! I do have the Tea Room fundraiser set up for this year again. I am working on setting up a golf tournament.... you can do these things and lots of other great ideas in your area to raise funds for our team. Alison has made new bracelets with Mary Kate's name on them and selling them for a fundraiser.... there are so many things we can do, put your thinking caps on folks :) We have a GREAT start on our team members... now lets get the funds coming in!

More to come on Marathon... we are just getting started but we CAN make a huge difference in these kids lives by giving it our all.

Enjoy your Sunday


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