Monday, May 3, 2010

A Prayer Request...

Good morning, I hope each of you have had a nice but most importantly a safe weekend. Our area has not had the best of weekends as far as the weather is concerned but the sun is shining now and God is with us. I do want to ask for your prayers on a different behalf today. Please be in prayer for all of the Flood victims in the Memphis, Nashville and entire North Mississippi and West Tennessee area. The sever weather began in Memphis on Friday evening. After a night of tornado sirens going off all night long we were awaken on Saturday morning to floods like this area has NEVER seen. The tornado sirens continued to go off most of the day on Saturday and again most of the night Saturday night. We were blessed in the Memphis area to not have any tornados touch down but this entire area has sustained tremendous flooding. We still have roads closed, schools in some areas closed and water still standing in many area. There has been loss of life from these storms, please pray for those families. The Nashville, TN area has sustained much the same flooding that Memphis and all areas in between have. We have several TEAM BELIEVE members and prayer warriors in that area also. Please keep everyone in the path of this storm covered in prayer for safety and minimal damage to their homes and property. I do realize that home and property are just items, and each can be replaced. I am so thankful that everyone involved with this group is safe and as far as I can tell has not had any major damage. Thank you God for bringing us through yet another storm in our lives. I have posted some pictures that I took from my driveway and front porch of what we could see from our home on Saturday morning. We were all fine, no water got into our house but 3 of the 6 right here around me were not so fortunate. I would like to ask you for special prayers also for the Taube family. They are two houses down from me, their home had about a foot of water inside the entire house. That in itself is awful, but Mrs. Taube is home on hospice in her final days of her battle with cancer. Fortunately for them, many of their family members have been here with them the past couple of weeks to help out so they have had help. This is a great burden for them to have to deal with at this time. Please keep them covered in your prayers.

As I am typing the local news is on... they just announced that in areas (mine for one) the water is still rising in the creeks which are already over their banks and spilling out. Also, they just said at this time there have been 17 deaths due to this storm. Prayers!!!

Front yard... our road is out there just on the other side of those big trees and between the "lake" on the other side of the road. That "lake" is the yard for our neighbors across the road.

This is the road out in front of our house. This car tried to go through and at one point the girl driving it was sitting on top of her car waiting for someone to come and rescue her. She was able to get out and someone was able to get her. Another car on down the road a little bit had another girl trapped in it and our firetruck from our little fire station right down from us was swept off the road and flipped over on it's side trying to get to the trapped girl. The firemen were able to get out and on top of the floating firetruck where they waited for over an hour for a small boat to get to them to rescue them. I NEVER knew a huge firetruck could FLOAT!!! Each of the people involved were safe. The county was able to get another truck out to our little station by the next afternoon.

One big "lake" from our yard across to our neighbor's yard and small pond with the gazebo. Can you figure out where the small pond really is??? That's like Where's Waldo??

Can you find the driveway?

Several of our special St Jude families live in the path of this storm and have had sever flooding in their area also. Please pray for them. I have talked to the Craven's and they are all okay. Mallerie's family, Brad, Tina & Heath as well as Garrett Hearn's family are all in the same town as the Cravens. I will check on them today.

I chatted through text msg with Katie Bruce about 5 am on Saturday morning. The families at Target house had been awaken about 3 times during the night to move to the basement during the tornado warnings. They were quite worn out by morning but thankfully the people there at the Target house go to great lengths to protect the families there. I think the kids thought that was a very exciting night. Jack has had a very good weekend. He has tolerated his next to last treatment very well. Thank you Lord for this. He has ended up in the hospital after each of the other treatments but not this time!! YEAH JACK!! He has one more FINAL treatment to go before getting to go home CANCER FREE! Please keep him in your prayers.

Big Trevor will be coming in to St Jude today for his surgery this week. Please keep him in prayer for a successful surgery.

Don't forget, be making your plans to get registered for TEAM BELIEVE for the St Jude Memphis Marathon. If you are registering and joining us for the first time, to join our team, you need to sign us as a HERO on the registration form and when it ask for team name, simply type in TEAM BELIEVE. It's very easy!!! I am already getting SO excited and many of our team members have already registered!!! Let's make this year another record year for us in our fundraising!

Stay safe, have a great week. I will leave you today with two scriptures to take with you as you face this week.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified... for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6


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  1. Mardecia,
    My goodness all that water so close is scary! Don't try to drive in it ,you might float off. At least you have upstairs, stay there if you have to. I heard there were storms but I had no idea they were that bad. I will be praying for all of you and your neighbors and all people affected by this disaster. Take care and try to keep the boys at home. Prayers and Hugs, Barbara