Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

One mother and grandmother who have every reason to celebrate mothers day, Jordan's mom Chancelly and grandmother Patricia. This photo is of the front cover of the St Jude Promise magazine that I received in the mail today... our very own Jordan (whom Team Believe will be running for this year) is the feature patient for this issue. If you receive this magazine, make sure you read the article about Jordan and his experience. They did an excellent job of explaining his exact diagnosis and treatment. It's a great article along with some great pictures.

I want to wish each of the very special mothers who come to this blog a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. For those of you who I know personally, each of you are wonderful and incredible mothers. I say a special prayer for those wonderful mothers who have special angels in heaven that they were honored to be their mom while they were here on earth. I have had the most wonderful weekend with a few of those special moms. ^Mary Kate's^ mom and sister (Regina and Alyson), ^Dax's^ mom (Julie) and ^Elizabeth's^ mom (Michelle) have all been in town this weekend. It was under very sad circumstances. Beverly, one of the wonderful nurses from St Jude passed away this past week, the services to celebrate her life were held Friday morning. I do want to ask you to pray for this family. Beverly was a very special nurse at St Jude. At the age of 15, she was diagnosed with cancer and became a patient at St Jude. After being treated and being pronounced CANCER FREE, she went on to graduate from high school, college and then nursing school and went to work at St Jude as a nurse. Last year, she was once again diagnosed with cancer, this time breast cancer. At the age of 30, she leaves a husband, a three year old daughter and a 15 month old son. She worked in the Medicine Room up until becoming to sick to work any longer. Please keep this family and all of the St Jude family in your prayers. It was very heart warming to see the St Jude staff who came to show their love and support to this family. When you see families traveling to come back to Memphis just to be here for this family, it tells you just how special she was to the families of her patients.

I have been blessed to share this Mothers Day weekend with Michelle, Regina and Julie. It was so nice to be together again and talk about so many memories about the special children that each were blessed to be mom to. Each had some places that they wanted to go to, (stores, restaurants, etc) so we hit the road and tried to get to each one. I think we did more eating than anything beside talking. I am very grateful for the time we had together. We even spent the day today at ^Elizabeth's^ bubba's track meet! That was my first experience at a track meet, it was alot of fun. The weather could not have been more perfect. A beautiful sunny day, not hot and not cold just perfect. At the end of the afternoon, there were some very pink noses and cheeks but some great laughs, hugs and special memories made. It probably goes without saying, we ended up the day having dinner at the Wolfchase Chilis!!! Thank you to our special Chili's who supports the families and St Jude in a tremendous way. Again, I will ask you to support your local Chili's anytime you can and if you find yourself in Memphis please support the one at Wolfchase. Hummmm, just a thought, why not go to Chili's tomorrow to celebrate Mothers Day :)

To recap this past week, little Trevor was here this week for his check up and treatment. They had some extra time this trip, so we were able to get to Wolfchase Chili's for dinner one night and then Melinda and Trevor came out to our house for a cookout along with Michelle, Charlie and Andrew Dunford and Regina Rushing. Mr Charles cooked up some good burgers and hotdogs and we did what we do best.... eat!!! Little Trevor had a good check up and his chemo went smoothly. He will be back in a couple of weeks.

Big Trevor was at St Jude for his surgery this week. Everything went well and he was back home on Friday. Pray for this surgery to be successful and for Trevor to be relieved from the pain he suffers.

Jack did really well recovering from his last treatment. Well enough that he got to go home-home for the week and will be returning to Memphis tomorrow (today now, I just noticed the time). He will have his last treatment coming up, please be praying for it to be successful and for him to tolerate it as well as this last one. Pray for his next set of scans and test to show that he remains CANCER FREE.

Jordan will be coming in on Monday for a check up with the Neurologist. He was taken off of the last medication that he was on which was an anti seizure medication during his last check up. They want to bring him in just for a check up to make sure all is well without this medication. If he is doing great, he will be medication free along with being CANCER FREE!!!! This will be a quick trip, in around noon, appointment around 2:30, then back to the airport for a flight back home around 7 pm. It will be a quick and busy day for them. Pray for a good report and a safe flight.

Okay, it's 12:19 pm and I am ready for bed. For all of the mom's, enjoy your day with your family. For any dad's, treat the mom in your life like the queen that she is. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


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