Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Mo Chemo- Jack Fought Back - No Mo Cancer!!!!

Jack and Katie both had a BIG day yesterday. Jack celebrated his NO MO CHEMO party and I must say he had the time of his life! This is one child that knows how to laugh, see the bright side and enjoy every minute of a day! Not only did HE have something to celebrate, so did his mom! Yesterday was her birthday. Can you imagine a better birthday present than having your child taking his last (prayerfully FOREVER) chemo treatment and to get to see him laugh, have an awesome time and most of all be here to give her hugs and kisses!! Jack has the silicone bracelets like so many of the St Jude patients do that say... "Jack Fights Back". Of course they are John Deere yellow and green!! I read his bracelet when I look down at my arm and now I say... "Jack Fought Back, and HE IS A WINNER"!!!! Thank you Lord for the beautiful day that you gave to Jack, his family and his medical staff at St Jude. They were all so happy and proud for Jack yesterday. I LOVE No Mo Chemo parties! Katie's camera broke at Jack's first one, she had made the comment that they needed to do it again so she could have pictures, well not really what she wanted... but Jack did have another one after his relapse and there were multiple camera's there to make sure they got pictures, this will hopefully and prayerfully be the last one! Please pray for Jack to remain CANCER FREE for the rest of his long life. What a testimony to God's healing power. Maybe you can get an idea of how happy everyone was yesterday by looking at some of the pics! I told you that I had a surprise, I had been to the bakery and had a birthday cake ordered for Katie and a No Mo Chemo cake made for Jack! Jack's reaction to the cakes and the joy and mess they brought to him was absolutely PRICELESS!!!

Katie, Mardecia & Jack. Jack was just as proud of Katie's cake as he was his. I told him while he was finishing up his last bit of chemo that I had a secret. I ask him if I told him, could he keep it a secret. He said with his big brown eye's just popping, "YES". So, I whispered in his ear that I had a birthday cake for him to give his momma. He got this HUGE smile on his face and whispered..."it's our secret". In about 3 minutes after that, Jack looked at me with those same big eyes and ask "where the cake?" LOL So much for him keeping a secret!!!

Jack & Mardecia holding a giant poster picture of Jack with "his boys" the baseball team from Bolton High School. This picture was taken on the teams visit/tour to St Jude where they had the honor to meet Jack. They took pictures and gave Jack a baseball signed by all of the players. They all had a big day. The baseball team requested for a poster picture of that shot to hang in their locker room and we hung one down on the ticket booth at the gate on our field as well. I took Jack a copy of it to his party. He was so proud of it.

Jack's cake

The song and the confetti! This is just such a huge deal to these kids and their families. At first Jack seemed a little concerned about the mess being made on the floor, but that concern was very short lived... he thought it was hilarious!

This was a PRICELESS Kodak moment!! Jack did not know about his cake, when we brought it in and handed it to him, he looked up at me with those great big eyes and ask "can I eat it?" his mom replied "You can do anything you want to do today" with those words being spoken, a big sparkle came into his eyes and before anyone realized what was about to happen, Jack leaned over and took a huge bite out of his cake!!!! This was just totally precious! That boy can really bring on the laughter.

All done with Chemo, this is Jack's chemo nurse detaching his line and flushing his port for the final time!!! Jack helped with the flush... so cute!

Happy Jack and Birthday Mom with both of their cakes. Smiles and cake for everyone.

Big Trevor is really having a hard time right now. He is still inpatient in the affiliate in Baton Rouge, but he will be transferring to Memphis on Monday. He is having some skin problems that they are trying to get a handle on. He is very uncomfortable and now being treated like he has radiation burn. Keep him in your prayers and pray that they can find the source of this and he will be able to treat it and get out that that hospital!

Ariel comes for her check up this week. I am not sure yet what day they are coming, but I think it may be tomorrow. Pray for their safe travel and for a good check up for her. School is getting out soon for her and Amber, so some of the stress will be lifted and hopefully they can enjoy a great summer! I'll let you know how her appointment goes later.

That's about it for now. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Don't forget... TEAM BELIEVE is now open for registration for the St Jude Memphis Marathon, half marathon and 5K! Come and join us!


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  1. this is beautiful ! My Son also was able to celebrate his final Chemo with a cake,he shared it with his Doctor,it was truly priceless !