Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow...

I want to give you a quick update on a few prayer request. I'll fill in more as soon as I can.

Update - Part II
I have another WONDERFUL prayer of praise and prayer request to share with you that I did not find out about until after I had posted this last night.
For those of you who followed my friend Angie who was pregnant with a Trisomny 18 baby back during the time we were following Ethan this update is for you. As you remember, Angie delivered ^Poppy Joy^ the morning of the marathon while we were out running/walking. ^Poppy Joy^ left this earth and went "home" by the time we had finished up that morning. I have shared Angie's book that she has written about her experience with this journey with many of you as well as many of the St Jude mom's that I adopted. Angie and her family are a true example of trust and faith in our Lord. I am so excited to share with you that yesterday she heard the heartbeat of a new little baby that will be born in December. God is so AWESOME! Please keep them in your prayers, pray for a great pregnancy and that this baby will be born healthy. Many of you met Angie, her husband and her two girls last year at our marathon dinner. She ran as a Team Believe member last year, but looks like running this year is just not in the picture! We'll give her this year off :)

First of all, a huge prayer of thanks and praise for Jordan. Jordan came in this week for a check up with neurology because they took him off of his very last medication while he was here back in early February. That med was for seizures, and thankfully he is showing no signs whatsoever of any seizures. That is a wonderful thing, therefore he will continue to remain medication free!! The picture is Jordan with Dr. Scott. I know that you all remember me talking about Dr Scott so much back when Jordan was here and going through transplant. This visit will be the last time that Dr. Scott will see Jordan as his doctor. Dr Scott will be leaving sometime around the first of July to move to Pennsylvania to begin his career there. He was a fellow while here at St Jude and fellows come and do a three year rotation with the option of signing on for an extra year. He and his wife have opted to move back closer to home so he will be leaving St Jude. This is a very sad thing for many around the Jude. He is a brilliant doctor and one of the best when it comes to "bedside manners". The kids love him and the families love him. If you do not know the story... Dr Scott's very first shift on duty at St Jude was the night that Jordan was brought in to ICU at the Jude. A little trip down memory lane.... Ethan was in ICU. Jordan was born on July 3rd and he was brought into ICU on July 4th. As I said this was Dr. Scott's first day at St Jude. I got a call from Ben that he had just met a young girl with a newborn in ICU and the mom who had just delivered the baby the night before by C-Section was being told that her baby most likely would not survive through the weekend. This was on a Friday. Looking back now almost 3 years later, how blessed Jordan and Chance were that Dr. Scott was on duty. I get so tickled listening to him tell the story of that night. Jordan and Dr. Scott will forever have a bond. Dr Scott told me at the time this picture was made on Monday, that he had better get an invitation to Jordan's kindergarten graduation, High School graduation, College graduation and his wedding!!! He may just end up being the best doctor man at his wedding!! Jordan has no clue right now about the major role Dr Scott has played in his life, but in the future HE WILL DEFINITELY KNOW. With a little prompting from yours truly... he did tell Dr. Scott "thank you for saving my life" during our visit on Monday. I think I may have spotted a little water in the good doc's eyes :)
We love Dr. Scott and St Jude will miss him greatly! I may have him convinced to come back in December for the marathon! It's okay to say a little prayer for that to happen!

Next... big Trevor is inpatient at the Baton Rouge affiliate of St Jude with a fever. He has been running some pretty high fevers since Saturday night and they have not yet been able to pin point the source of these fevers. Please keep him in your prayers that one) the fevers will go away and two) that they will find the source of these fevers. At this time he is being treated in Baton Rouge but I guess there is a possibility that if this continues they may bring him back to Memphis.

Next... tomorrow is a BIG day for Jack. In the morning he will be having his VERY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!!!! PLEASE BE PRAYING THAT THIS IS THE VERY LAST CHEMO THAT HIS PRECIOUS LITTLE BODY WILL EVER HAVE TO ENDURE!! That means tomorrow there will be one big celebration with a NO MO CHEMO party!!!! Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I have a little surprise for him :) I'll tell you later! For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE surprises!!!! Tomorrow is a very happy day for Jack and his family, but it also comes with a bitter sweet. Leaving and going home can be a very nervous time. Pray for their peace as they go home and begin to live a cancer free life. Pray for them to be able to enjoy being home and not have that constant thought in the back of their minds about the "what if's". This is a normal thing, it's so hard to get past. Our prayer is that Jack will be CANCER FREE for many years and if I calculate it right he and Jordan should graduate high school one year apart!! I'll should be able to make it to both graduations!

This ended up being longer than I anticipated when I first sat down to type. I will give you more details in a later post as soon as I can.

Don't forget, the marathon registration is now open and it is predicted that it will fill up much sooner than even last year. There has already been a record number of people already registered for this early in the registration process. To join our team, simply go to select which run you want to participate in for the December 4, 2010 Memphis Marathon. When it ask if you want to be a HERO, click on "yes" and then when it ask what team... type in TEAM BELIEVE. That's it!! If you have any questions or problems, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will try to answer it for you. Just a reminder, this year we are running in honor of Jordan. Let's show a huge appreciation to St Jude for the work they do by raising a record amount of money this year!

I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will hope, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints.

Psalm 52:9


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