Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Our Hour Of Need, Who Is There?

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true - even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

1 John 5:20

What a comfort to those who are struggling or suffering... We have an understanding of God, we know him to be true. I have no doubt that when God tells us he will give us what we need in our time of need, He speaks the truth. Someone very special recently said to me, in their great time of pain and need that they had peace. This is such a testimony to me that His promises are true and He holds to them. He may not always answer our cries and pleas the way we would choose for them to be answered, but he will hold us and give us what we need to endure if we know Him and accept Him and His plan. This makes me smile.

Michelle has posted a very touching post on Elizabeth's blog. I will just refer you to her caringbridge page for arrangements for her celebration of life. Elizabeth was truly one of God's special people. The lives that she has touched, the love she shared, the many thousands of smiles she brought to everyone who ever met her, the complete joy and life she brought to her parents and her brothers. God had a job for her to do while here on this earth and there is no doubt that she did her job and she will have the reward for a job well done. She will be missed, the hearts of her family and many others will NEVER be the same. As I have said before, to know Elizabeth... is to love her and her family. Please keep DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew in your prayers as they try to get through the coming days. Their hearts and spirits are broken, but with their faith and with the love and support from all around them and the prayers from everyone far and near, God will provide what they need in their time of need and get them through one day at a time. We have a promise of eternal life, but we were never promised an easy earthly life. I also ask for you to keep the St Jude medical staff and the St Jude families who have been a part of their lives for the past 17 months in your thoughts and prayers as well. They are all hurting so much too. Elizabeth is one VERY loved little princess.

The following was written by our sweet Jon as a tribute to Elizabeth. I want to share it with each of you. Thank You Jon for loving Elizabeth and for all your many prayers for her and her family.


She was here but for a moment—we thought it would be forever.
Her smile will always linger with us as we now walk this trail alone.
How can we count the many ways in which she blessed our lives?
How can we know the thousands of prayers that were raised because of her?

She fought—she fought oh how she fought and yet the hurdles were too great.
It is hard for us to realize but while she lost the battles, she won the war.
And by winning the war, she claims the prize we all long for.

For me--right now there is little consolation in my faith that she is with Jesus.
My head believes it and I know it is best for her.
But my heart has this large void space in it that she and only she could fill.
I must trust that God will hold that empty space in His hands and me in his arms.

Who else really understands? Who else loved this baby as much as we do?
Who knows when even one sparrow falls?
God of wonders ease our pain.

So I see her now as she sits with Ethan and Sully and Maddie and Kacey and Mary Kate and Joel.
And with them I see a big fellow-----their brother Jesus.
And Jesus is listening as they tell him of the love that they feel coming from a place they do not understand.

We will love you always Elizabeth. God hold our hearts for we cannot do this alone.

Tissue time :)

Salena needs our prayers too. I talked to LaDonna last night, Salena was moved back into ICU last night. She has updated her caringbridge page, you can read what is going on. While you are there.... go ahead and leave them a message to let them know your there for them. It is so hard to keep your spirits up and hold steadfast to your faith when so many trials fall on you.

Dax, Mallerie, Clay, Alex, Christian and so many others need your prayers at this time too. Please keep them close in your heart and deep in your prayers.

SOME MOST EXCELLENT NEWS!!!... Heather and Terri have been here this week for Heather's check up and scans.... she will be going home again STILL CANCER FREE! All praise and glory to God for his healing on Heather. Keep them in your prayers.

Trevor is doing great... mom Pam is not doing so well, after all of these months in the hospital world her back has pretty much given out on her. She is really in alot of pain. If you know Pam, she is tough, it takes more than you could imagine for her to break down and go to the doctor... well she has been at the chiropractor everyday this week!!!! Trevor has been going to drivers education everyday this week. From all reports, he is doing very well.. no wrecks or dingie's yet! WOOHOO way to go Trevor. Be safe Trevor! He is working on homebound school to, so he got home and has been busy busy busy.

Morgan is doing really well too, she is very busy with school work and keeping up with the things teens do ;) These kids have so much to catch up on, school and social life both that it keeps them really busy. Keep them in your prayers, they are such sweet and special teens.

Reagan is doing very well and having a blast every single day!!! I am so thankful that God is blessing her and her family with these wonderful days to spend precious time with her. Check out the new pictures on her CB page that her family has posted. She is one really cute and precious biker lady!!!! Let them hear from you :)

Keep your faith, love the ones in your life and NEVER take one single day for granted.

What a great time to open up your hearts and your pocketbooks and give back to the hospital giving so much to these kids. You never know what just ONE MORE DOLLAR might be able to do. If your as sick and tired of these precious children suffering, please take the time and donate to St Jude. You can go to the top of this page and click on the link to donate to the St Jude Marathon. Please consider doing this. This link will be on here up until the last day for donations for the marathon, just think what even $10.00 a month between now and the cut off would add up to. You can donate one time or one time a day, week or month... EVER PENNY SUPPORTS THESE KIDS AND GETS ONE DOLLAR CLOSER TO FINDING MORE WAYS TO TREAT THIS BEAST CALLED CANCER!!! LET'S BE A PART OF KILLING THE BEAST FOREVER!!!


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