Monday, March 16, 2009

WELCOME! Finally, it's somewhat up and running. I admit, I am dumb as dirt when it comes to computer tech stuff, so I ask you to please be patient with me, and I will probably need some expert advise along the way with this. For instance, this picture of our team from this past St Jude Marathon is so micro tiny, but I don't have a clue yet how to make it bigger. So if any of you have an answer for that, please feel free to share it with me.

The goal here is for us who have been together for a couple of years now, to be able to continue to be a "family" and follow the different children going through childhood diseases that no child should ever have to endure. Over the is past couple of years this group has been amazing. For anyone new who wants to join us and our efforts, we welcome you and thank you for joining us. I want to share just a few of the things this group has accomplished.

1. This group has participated in the St Jude Marathon for the past two years in Memphis. I don't have an exact total, but we have raised over $32,000.00 (yes, that is what I said) for St Jude Hospital. We have done this by participating as St Jude Heroes and raising money by doing so. For anyone of you who have not had an opportunity to do this, I can not begin to tell you what an awesome experience it is.
We plan to be a part of it again this year in December.

2. This group has been so wonderful to offer prayers and encouragement to families in so many different ways. We post links to websites of children all over the states, and follow them, leaving messages of encouragement on their guest books and by praying for them not only together in our "chat" room, but also on our own.

3. This group has sent money and gift cards to families in need of financial help while undergoing treatment with their child. We have sent gifts and put together gift baskets to take to families at St Jude to lift them up.

These are just a few things that have made such a difference, there are way to many "behind the scenes" things that go on as well. This group, made up of people from all over the WORLD, have become ONE FAMILY! I love you all, and I know we all are one team.

Now, that I have given a little back track background... I hope with this new site to be able to continue what we have been doing and now add new families who need us. I will try to update on things I know are going on around St Jude and please feel free to share others at other Childrens Hospitals who need us too.

I don't have alot of time right now, but I want to quickly mention a few things going on this week that need our urgent prayers. First, I want to say, that I have the families that I mention here today, I have spoken with them and have their permission to share with you the things going on. I will be happy to add any links to other sites, as long as I have written permission from the family.

This week, needing our attention: Mary Kate had a wonderful trip to Disney, and today she is heading back to St Jude for a high dose of the new chemo in an attempt to knock down her MRD enough to get her to transplant. Regina explains it much better than I on her site. The link is located under "Our Friends".

Trevor is in Memphis, he has started taking chemo as his tumors had intensified. He also has a link, and Melinda has left detailed info there.

Reagan, is on her way back to Memphis today, she will have scans and appt. tomorrow. Please check her link.

Salena, has made it home to IL. They will go to Chicago tomorrow to meet with the transplant team there. LaDonna does not have internet service at home, and has no idea what to expect in Chicago so I will try my best to keep you all updated on her as LaDonna will call me on a regular basis. I have alot of awesome things to share with you regarding her, but I will do that later.

Mallerie is doing well, she is just trying to rest and stay healthy to get ready for her transplant at the end of this month. Keep her and her donor in prayer. Check out her link.

Clay, is also trying to get to transplant, Arie has done a great job of keeping up to date on his site also. Check it out.

There is alot more, but Garrett has a baseball game in a bit so I need to get going. I was just so excited to get this up and the new chat/prayer room up and I had to stop and try to get something out before I run out the door. I am not proofing, to big of a hurry, so please forgive any typo's. More later......

Please keep all of these in your prayers!!

Believe- Prayer Works!!!

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