Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keep on doing the things that you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:9

Good afternoon, I have a few things I'd like to share with you today. First of all, I want to officially announce the birth of Maxwell Nolan Farrar. Max is the son of Jason and Tabitha Farrar and the new baby brother to Hannah and Sully. We followed Sully through his journey, we have fallen in love with his family and now welcome Max into our "cyber" family. Everyone at the Farrar house is doing great. Please keep them in your prayers. As you can imagine anyone who walked the path that they have walked, finds it very difficult to not be nervous with not only a new baby, but also any other children in the family. Max has been tested for any signs of leukemia at birth, happy to report a big fat 0 nothing showed up, and her doctor has been so kind and understanding with their fears and has told them he will repeat test anytime they feel the need.

Last night I was able to visit with the Trevor. His mom, Melinda, and little sister along with grandmom are here until the 19th for follow ups and treatment. Yesterday was Morgan's 2 year old birthday. She is just the sweetest little thing. We had a small celebration with Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to honor her special day. Reagan and her mom, Amy arrived in Memphis last night for Reagan's follow up and MRI today. The plans were for them to return home tonight. I did get to see them last night, they joined us for birthday celebration. Reagan looks great, but she was tired. With the flight, it was a very long day for them. They were going to be pushed to get through all of their appointments today, so I did not see them today, but I'll get a report from them soon and I'll let you know. I am sure Amy will post soon to, check her link.

Today is a big day for Salena! She and her mom, LaDonna are meeting with the doctors at the hospital in Chicago this afternoon. I am sure by this time, they are probably through with today's meeting, but she has not called yet. I waited to post hoping to hear from them, but they might not really know anything yet. Please pray that if the doctors feel Salena can safely go to transplant that they will accept her and that it will be successful. This is so critical. To put it plain and simple, Salena has to have this transplant for a chance to beat her cancer, but with the damage to her kidneys, it is very risky. Now having said that, God is in control, and with Him, we know she can be healed with or without a transplant if it is God's will. Please keep them in your prayers. LaDonna is VERY nervous. Going home after being gone for 1 year and 3 months was very difficult for her. She says she feels like a visitor in her home. I am sure this feeling will pass very soon. If they do transplant, she will be in Chicago for awhile, and that is around 2 hours away from home. For those of you who have been following her, I want to let you know about somethings that she has not had a chance to really share on her site, this all happened so fast that she has had a head spin the past couple of weeks. St Jude has sent them to Chicago because of the risk of transplant with her kidney. The protocol at St Jude says you have to have atleast a 50% kidney function to be able to go into transplant. Salena's is less than that, so they won't do it. However, they are sending her to Chicago where there is a transplant team and they do have specialist on staff there to deal with the kidneys and heart if she needs them. I want to tell you, St Jude is paying for this, and they also made arrangements for a place for LaDonna to stay while there. St Jude hospital NEVER ceases to amaze me. If she has transplant, she will come back to do all follow up at St Jude. This was the best news LaDonna had heard in awhile. I'll share more with you on them at a later time. Pray for them!

Mary Kate has come back to St Jude today, I have not been down today, and I have not heard from them today either. I am sure they are swamped! They were going to do a BMA to get her MRD, then give her the high dose of chemo to see if it will get her MRD below 1 so she can go to transplant!!!! This was a miracle for them to just get the phone call for her to come back. I really REALLY feel we need to be in constant prayer for this high dose to work and get this cancer down and out of her! Mary Kate has the biggest desire to live that you have ever seen. I want to brag on her sister Alyson too. She has been here with MK and Regina, her life has been turned upside down too, but she is the most supportive sister, she has been a blessing and a life saver for Regina. I don't know if you all know this or not, but I'll share. Regina lost her husband and the girls lost their dad a few years back to cancer. Regina's strength is unbelievable!! Her sense of humor and outlook on life each day is something I can not even describe. Now this is a woman who could dig a hole and bury herself, but not her! She is so full of life and I have to say I am uplifted and my faith is made greater because of her. She along with all of the other mom's and dad's that I visit with and have visited with over the last few years are so strong and have such a great faith in our Lord. God is their rock and their comfort. I think we should all learn a lesson from them. Even when our lives and our days become so heavy, think about them and their journey each day, and find strength from them, in God.

I'll let you know as I know on test results from all of the kiddo's today.

Please, get on your knees and pray for these kids when you go to bed tonight. Hug your babies and be thankful for them and their health. I am!!

Believe - Prayer Works

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