Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Second Update - I just got a call from LaDonna, TRANSPLANT IS DEFINITELY AT THIS POINT ON!!!!! Salena will begin preliminary prep for transplant hopefully April 1st and will get her transplant on April 15th. This is subject to change, but it's the plan as of now. They are excited, yet very nervous. Please keep them in prayer.

I also got a call from Amy, Reagan's mom, right before I talked to LaDonna. Reagan's visit went well, I think she has posted already. She is on a mission, and needs our help. There will be more on this to come. She needs us to contact some folks to try to get their attention to get some new drugs approved. She has posted some info on Reagan's site. Please check it out. Keep them in your prayers too. They are at the airport now, waiting for their flight out to go back home to Texas.

Believe - Prayer Works!

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