Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins (forgives and disregards the offenses of others) I Peter 4:8>

WOW!! What an awesome night of prayer for Mary Kate and her family last night!! I really can't begin to tell you how my heart felt to have such a loving, caring group gathered to lift up one special little girl in prayer. I really believe with all my heart, I received more from last night than I would ever be able to give back. We as a nation are so fortunate to be able to gather and pray like we did. I hope that each one who participated closed their eyes last night to sleep feeling enriched and blessed by being a part of the Prayer Night for Mary Kate. Let's continue to lift her up each day as she and her family travel this journey. It's a long road, at times a very lonely road. Let's continue to pray and leave messages for Regina and the girls to let them know WE ARE STILL HERE!

I posted a few random pictures. Top picture is from our team dinner held the night before the St Jude Marathon this past December. Lisa, Marcella and Naomi along with about 50 others enjoying the time together. The marathon is held the first weekend in December each year and is one of the largest fundraisers for the hospital. We have participated in this event the past two years and plan to do so again this year. More information will be coming in the near future about this full fun blast weekend! Our team does it up in style!!! There will be a few changes this year, but we are still a team dedicated to do our part to help raise the funds needed to keep St Jude operating and researching to find the cures needed for these childhood cancers. Middle picture is a shot from one of the many events hosted by St Jude for the kids. In this photo is Avery, guest football player, Nicole, Reagan and Natalie. Natalie has been through treatment and is now cancer free and Reagan is still undergoing treatment. Reagan is back at home, and really can use our daily prayers. Our prayer for Natalie is for her to remain cancer free! Natalie is an amazing young lady. As you can see from this picture, she continues to go back to the hospital and visit with patients who are undergoing treatment. I know at times this is difficult for her, many memories that are ones you would rather forget are there. Both girls have a link in our "Friends" section. The football team from East Carolina was in Memphis to play in the Liberty Bowl and made a visit to St Jude. They passed out team goodies and signed autographs for the patients. St Jude host many events such as this throughout the year. Many celebrities and musicians make surprise appearances during the year too. This hospital does so much for these kids. Honestly, you never know what or who you will see when you walk the halls at St Jude. It is AWESOME! Bottom picture This is Jordan, his link is under the "Our Friends" section on our page. Jordan was born with ALL, came to St Jude at the ripe old age of 2 days old. Jordan will be 2 years old in July and has been cancer free for over a year now. He has been through transplant, had his one year post checkups and is doing great!! He will be back in Memphis within the next few weeks to have his port removed. This group has prayed for him since he arrived at St Jude. Believe-Prayer Works! Please continue to pray that he remains cancer free all the days of his long healthy life. If you met him today, you would never know he had ever been sick a day in his life, and he was not predicted to make it through the night the first night he was at St Jude. Miracles do happen, so keep praying for them. I know so many times we post when things are not as good as we would like for them to be and we ask for prayers to make them better. I also have to remind myself that we (I) need to make sure I always remember to pray when good things happen and God answers our prayers. Our prayers of praise are just as important.

Salena is doing good and feeling good. She is in Chicago, doing some testing and taking chemo treatments while anticipating her transplant to be April 15th. She is looking forward to getting this behind her so she can come back to St Jude for follow up care. Ladonna says they miss the warmer weather in Memphis and all of the friends they made while here. Keep Salena in prayers for her to stay healthy and to get through her transplant.

I had a big treat yesterday, I got to have lunch with Mallerie and Tina! First time Mallerie has stayed awake for me lately! This is little joke between us. Usually I pop in while she is in the med room taking treatments and she usually just tries to take a little nap to pass the time, it does get pretty boring in there. So she is usually napping when I pop in, and I am not one to wake a sleeping beauty! But, she did stay awake for lunch yesterday and it was fun to get to visit. She is such a sweet girl. She is getting ready for transplant too. She can use our prayers during this time of waiting. As we all know, the waiting and wondering and fear of the unknown is the most difficult part at times. Keep her and her family in your prayers too. Check out her link.

I have added a few new links in the last couple of days. I'll try to fill you in on these kids this week. Check out their pages and please add them to your prayer list. They are all wonderful kids with wonderful families that would love to know you are here and praying for them.

I can not stress enough how much it means to the families to see your comments on their child's caringbridge pages. At times, mom's are away from dad's and siblings or vise versa, and it can be a lonely time for them. Watching their child fight a beast called cancer that no child should ever have to fight. Please let them know they ARE NOT ALONE and you have them and their child in prayer. You don't need to write an essay, just let them know you are praying for them.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Spring is just around the corner, maybe a good time to do some Spring cleaning and have a garage sale. Consider having one, maybe even a neighborhood sale and donate the proceeds to St Jude. Just a thought!!

Believe-Prayer Works!

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