Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Few Pics to Share....

Our little miracle HERO-Jordan. Sporting his Family Walk Marathon Bib # He was just the most precious little thing.

The force behind the HERO'S program, Christopher Beck, Tyler Sutton, Garrett Sutton, Matt Riley & "Goose". Matt and Goose are a couple of Tyler's teammates from the Hattiesburg BlackSox Baseball team. The organization is now behind our efforts and more of the players plan to join us next year. Notice, Christopher Beck is wearing one of our Team Believe hoodies!

Garrett Sutton, crossed the finish line in the half marathon in 2 hrs 27 min. He did a fantastic job!

Matt, Goose & Tyler right after crossing the finish line.

This years very awesome and adorable FROG TEAM CAKE! Our decorating theme for this year was "Frogs". Jordan loves animals, especially frogs and lizards. This was the most amazing cake and I am very proud to say the sweet cake lady donated it to our team! Thank you very much to Cakes by Diane! Oh, and by the way, even the frog on top was cake and edible.

Everyone did a fantastic job this year. I'm not giving out totals yet, there are more to post. I will say, we have set a team record for our fundraising this year. This team definitely has the respect of the Hero's Program. I am honored to say that this team is a team that is used as an example for other teams to see. I give all of the honor and glory to God for our success. Your prayers for this team has made it the success it is. God is blessing our efforts, and I am truly thankful for this. Please continue to pray for our continued success and also add a prayer of thanksgiving for what He has done so far.

You all are hearing it or reading it for the very first time here.... next year I am very excited and honored to announce that Team Believe will be walking/running in honor of our precious Little Trevor!!! I talked with his family today and they are just thrilled to have Trevor as our Hero to Honor for 2011. Start making your plans for next year. Be a part of this incredible weekend of events and help us honor Little Trevor.

I'll post more pictures and more details in a few days.


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