Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fantastic Weekend!

Well, it rained for forty days and forty nights.... I am wondering right now if one can sleep for forty days and forty nights! It was a wonderful weekend, as always it comes to an end much to soon. I have lot's to share with you, but right now this old gal is going to get some rest. I did want to let you know all the prayers for the success for this weekend were definitely answered. Everyone made it here safe and sound, everyone completed their run/walk successfully, and everyone, as far as I am aware, had a great time together! I think we only had one to draw blood, a few to beat their personal best records and MANY to wake up this morning having a little level of difficulty getting out of bed and moving! Guess that is to be expected when these awesome people push themselves to go above and beyond the normal to participate in an event such as the St Jude Marathon. We had many new people to join us this year. I hope we have hooked them and they will be returning every year.

I'm gonna keep this short for now, however I do want to share that we have an amazing total of OVER $25,000.00 raised so far! Did you catch the "so far" part? Be watching.... there will be a grand total posted soon. If it does not knock your socks off and make you so proud to be a part of this group by either the donations you made to the team, or the prayers you offered up for this team or if you participated as a team member, then NOTHING WILL! Be watching~

I'll post pictures soon too.

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to everyone for all of your love and support during this marathon.


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