Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the best group of prayer warriors in the world! I hope and pray that each of you have safe travel and enjoy your time with your families and friends during this grateful holiday. I give thanks for each one of you!

You know from the very beginning we have always said... BELIEVE PRAYER WORKS. Well, I just wanted to share another testimony showing that prayer really does work. I ask for each of you join in and pray for Leah for her counts to recover so she can go home for Thanksgiving. Well PRAYER WORKED! Leah and Heather WILL BE GOING HOME FOR THANKSGIVING to spend the time with their family. Praise our almighty Father for His answer to this prayer. I hope that this will be the best Thanksgiving ever for Leah and her family.

I will be going to have Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow with my mom, my brother and his family and all of my family. I'm very grateful to be able to be together with them. Later tomorrow afternoon my family and I will be traveling on to Florida to spend the rest of the weekend with the Dunfords. I am so excited to see DJ, Michelle, Andrew and Charlie. The boys have grown so much, they are just young teens now. I can't wait to get to spend some beach time with them! Please include us in your prayers for safe travel. Thank you. We plan to return home on Sunday evening. So unless there is some major happening, you will not hear from me until after we return.


Team Believe is now over $13,000.00 and still climbing! It's not to late.... Help us reach our $20,000.00 goal. Thank you.


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