Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Morning!

Good morning. Did you start your day with a prayer for all your blessing this morning? I bet your friends said a prayer of thanks for the blessing that you are in their lives. Relationships and friends are some of our greatest blessings.

Everything is going well with the St Jude kiddo's. Preston is still inpatient, still struggling with that GVH rash, but hopefully getting it under control and getting to go out to Target House soon. Keep praying for him to clear of that rash.

The new guy I mentioned to you, has left the hospital and now at Ronald McDonald house. He seems to be doing well. Keep praying for his successful treatment.

Little Trevor was able to have his chemo treatment this week. He did see the kidney specialist, she was not to concerned at this point about his kidney functions, so they will continue on with his chemo treatments. They will be back on the 10th of November for his next visit and treatment. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

Big Trevor comes back on Friday for his check-up. Be praying for good reports for him, and safe travel. When Pam is driving, they need prayers! LOL

One year ago yesterday, our sweet precious prom queen traded in her crown for her wings. Mal is missed by so many people. She was a very special daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. She was so loved by all of her friends because she was a friend to them. I think Mal taught a lesson on how to be strong, how to fight and how to love. Please keep her family in your prayers at this time. Anniversaries are so hard. Prayers for Brad, Tina and Heath. We love you.

Welcome to Madeline Elizabeth Locke. ^Dax^ is a big brother now! Julie and Austin had their baby, a beautiful little girl with a very special name. They chose Elizabeth to honor sweet ^Elizabeth Dunford^. Prayers for this sweet family as they begin a new life with Madeline.

Please continue to pray for Ryan, pray for his miracle, pray for him to not suffer from all of this pain. Pray for peace. Prayers go out to Ryan and his family.

Time is getting closer for our big marathon weekend. Please pray for the success of this weekend for our team as well as the success of the entire St Jude Marathon. Many of our kiddo's families have teams who are working hard to raise money to help give back to St Jude for the time and treatment, love and care they received while at St Jude. Pray for each team. I am looking forward to seeing everyone as we all gather back in Memphis for this wonderful weekend. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas for all of TEAM BELIEVE to get here! I'm ready for some sweet and special hugs! This group of people are so special to me, they are a wonderful example of selfless people. I encourage each of you who have not been a part of this group and this experience to consider becoming involved with this team of wonderful prayer warriors and St Jude Heroes! I pray a prayer of praise for each one of you.

Last on my mind today... It's election day! Please choose to exercise your right to be a part in the process of selecting those people who will be representing you and making decisions that directly effect your life. As one friend of mine put it.... get out and go earn your right to complain if you are not happy with your government. If you are happy, then go out and cast your vote to keep things the way they are. I will be leaving when I close this post and going to cast my vote. I am truly excited about this privilege today. I have not really felt this way before, but I think it is going to feel so good to hit that CAST VOTE button.

I hope each of you have a wonderful day! Rain is in our forecast, but that will not keep us from enjoying our day.



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