Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"And Jesus said to him, 'If You Can? All things are possible to him who believes.; Immediately the boy's father cried out and said, 'I do believe; help my unbelief.'" - Mark 9:23-24

Let us not settle for mediocre faith. Let us decide today, that with God's help we are going to build a stronger faith in ourselves and in God.

God, I believe, but help my unbelief. Don't let me settle for who I am today, but show me who I should be and give me the courage to desire and pursue that goal. I pray that You will build in me a faith that can move mountains for You, a faith that will overflow into those around me. In Jesus Name. Amen


I trust that everyone's week has gotten off to a great start. Those of you getting ready for the trip to Memphis, I trust you are as excited about the big weekend as I am.

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a family/friend gathering for Joseph. He has really been fighting, at times his prognosis has not been what the family wanted to hear. They have continued to have faith that God has a different plan for Joseph. Yesterday, they got a report from the doctor that the secondary cancer "lymphoma" was no longer detected! Wow! The power of prayer!!! Please continue to pray for Joseph, pray for his healing. Pray for his family. We did one smile from him at his party. He is a big Ole Miss fan, a friend of mine at ALSAC was able to get a baseball signed by some of the baseball players at Ole Miss for Joseph. That brought a big smile! I must also tell you, that was one fun day for me, I got to be surrounded by loving Ole Miss fans! Keep the prayers going up for Joseph.

Big Trevor will be traveling today to come for his check up. Let's lift Pam and Trevor up in prayer for safe travel to Memphis and also for great reports.

Ariel was here last Thursday and Friday. She had good reports. Bless her heart, it was probably not one of her more fun trips, she had to get the flu shot and take the ACT test! She was feeling great, but by Sunday she began to feel a little puny, most likely from the flu shot. Pray that she is feeling much better soon. She really showed her spirit and drive to raise money for Team Believe this past weekend! They took a set of tickets for the IPad fundraiser back to Hattiesburg with them Friday night. Ariel took them out to a fall festival on Saturday morning and completely sold out of all her tickets by lunch time!!! She may have a future in sales! We are so proud of Ariel. She and her family are members of Team Believe this year, they will be with us at our team dinner. I look forward to everyone getting to meet this wonderful family. Beware.... there will be two sets of St Jude twins with us!!!!

Ok, since we are back to the topic of marathon weekend... I thought I would maybe begin to post a few pics to start that walk down memory lane to get everyone really geared up and ready for this years BIG WEEKEND! I went back and picked a few pictures to post. If you have not realized yet, IT'S ALMOST HERE!!! YEA!!!!

Mardecia, Marcella, Lisa & Brenda


Ben, Mardecia & Cindy

Nicole, Sandy, Natalie, Mardecia & Cindy

Susan, Brenda & Allison

Be watching... more blast from the past to come!

Things are going great! Plans are all coming together. Funds are beginning to come in. I want to send out a few "shout-outs".
Brenda and Lenzy had a successful Arkansas Angels Beauty Pageant this past weekend, with all proceeds going to St Jude for our team! Congratulations to you ladies for your success and thank you for your hard work.

Svetlana is rocking!!! She is our top fundraiser at this point! Way to go girl! Not sure what she is doing down there in Atlanta to raise all of that money, but we could take a lesson from her :) Keep it up!

We do have 3 team members who have each raised over 1,000.00!! Wow, just think, if all 50+ of us raised just half of that, we would exceed our goal! Here in the last few weeks, I ask each person to try to reach a personal goal of $500.00 to put our team over our team goal. We are a team, we can pull together and show our love to St Jude and the children being treated there.Send out your letters asking for support, post you team page on Facebook, give your friends a chance to support your efforts. Just try those two things and see what happens.

Please keep our silent auction in mind. This was a very fun way of raising some money for our team and some lucky people got to go home with some pretty cool goodies. Be creative, bring an item, or a themed basket, anything you want to donate will be WONDERFUL!

Ok, go out today and show your faith to those around you! Make today a day that brings a smile to you and to those around you.



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