Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning!

Good morning! I hope each of you will have a wonderful and blessed day! As you go through today, look around you and take the opportunity to do one random act of kindness toward someone else today. Just watch the smile come across their face when they realize what was just done for them! It's contagious!

I had a pretty full day yesterday at the Jude. I had the opportunity to meet a new family that arrived over the weekend. They are a very sweet and precious family and came to my attention by several different friends of mine from different times and places in my life. It was pretty amazing how small our world and circle of friends can really be at times. This family has a precious little 4 year old boy who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. They do not have a CB page set up at this time, they are just very busy getting adjusted to the journey they now find themselves on. Please keep them in your prayers, I'll post more as I have more opportunities to visit with them and have an opportunity to talk with them regarding sharing his info.

Also, big prayer request... Please keep Joseph and his family in your prayers. Joseph has left the hospital and gone to Target House on hospice care. A few weeks ago, the doctors told the family there were no more options for him and his time was very short. Over the past few weeks, his counts have begun to come up and look better. He needs all of he prayers you can send up on his behalf. His family is a very strong spiritual family and know that God is in control. Pray for Joseph's miracle of healing and for his family to have peace during this time. I got to spend some time with them last night, they have ask me to help them arrange a party for Joseph so that his friends and family will have an opportunity to come and spend some time with him. I am very honored to help them with this and extremely excited because he is a BIG Ole Miss fan like myself. They want an Ole Miss cake!!! I'm REALLY honored and excited to pull this one off!!! Please keep them in your constant prayers.

I got to spend some time with Preston yesterday too! He was hyped up on steroids and was absolutely adorable and full of himself! He was bouncing all over the place. He is just so cute! Please continue to pray for him to continue to improve from the GVH complications. His counts are all great, just dealing with the GVH now. Hopefully he will get to get out of the hospital in the next couple of weeks.

BIG NEWS: A brand new IPad has been donated to our team to be used as a fundraiser for Team Believe. We will have the opportunity to sell chances to win the IPad. The chances "tickets" "donations" will be $5 per donation with ALL proceeds going to St Jude. If you are a team member and want to participate in this, email me and I will mail you the amount of tickets you think you can sell or if you are not a team member and want to donate for tickets for yourself, email me. We will only be selling 500 tickets, and they are already going fast. We will have the drawing for the winner at our team dinner on Friday night December 3, 2010. Anyone anywhere can participate in this opportunity. I can ship the IPad via FedEx to anyone who is the lucky winner! Support our team, get your tickets today. They WILL NOT last long.

ALSO....TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER TEAM APPAREL. TEAM T-SHIRTS, SWEATS, HOODIES AND HATS. DO NOT MISS OUT the pay pal buttons will come down tomorrow night and all sales will be over. While it is not required, we would love for all team members to wear their team shirt on race day. We want everyone to see us coming and know who Team Believe is!

Keep up the great work! Please be in prayer for a few of the fundraisers that some of our team is doing. Pray for the ones working to put them together and pray for their success. Arkansas Chapter (Brenda and Lenzy) are working on their beauty pageant. It is coming up in another week or so. Pray for lot's of pretty little girls to participate in this and for them to all have a great time and feel so special.

Jordan's family is hosting a big dinner and festival type event at the end of November. Be praying for them as they are working very hard to make this happen.

Order your team shirts and ask someone to make a donation today! Just one a day will add up :)


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