Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Your Order In...

It's time to start getting our orders in for shirts, sweats, hoodies, & hats! The team t-shirt will have the photo of Dr. Scott and Jordan on the back and our Team Believe logo on the front. The logo is the same as was on the front of our team shirt last year. We will be adding a few names this year. We will be adding Ariel as they have joined our team this year, LIttle Trevor, and Natalie. All will be with us this year! Also, ^Mary Kate's^ name will be added.

We will also be offering a hoodie/sweat pants set or you can purchase them separately if you only want one or the other. The is a small price break if you order the set. You will have a choice on the hoodie, you can either order one with the team logo on the center front or the words "TEAM BELIEVE" on the center front. The pants will have TEAM BELIEVE down the leg. The set will be $40.00. Hoodie alone is $25.00 - pants alone will be $20.00. We have a baseball style cap that will have TEAM BELIEVE on the front center, cost on the cap is $12.00.

The pay pal order will be open on our blog page through this month. The orders will close on Friday October 29,2010. I MUST have the order turned in to the print shop by Monday November 1, 2010 in order for us to have it all back in time to get them shipped out to everyone. If you want to just pick yours up when you get to Memphis, just let me know.

I'm excited about our silent auction again this year. We did very well with that last year. Remember, please try to bring at least one item to put in the silent auction with you. Either a themed basket, or an individual item , either is perfect!

Our Memphis group of Team Believe is all organized and ready for NOT ONE BUT TWO Chili's Give Back Nights on October 13th! We have met with the managers and two different locations will be hosting the Give Back night for us on the same night. They will actually be hosting it from 11am to 11pm at both locations. We are very thankful and grateful to Chili's for all of the support they give to St Jude. I LOVE CHILI'S!!! I wish you could all come to Memphis on the 13th and join us!

Do you have your hotel room confirmed? Have you asked someone to donate to your goal this week? Are you ready to come to Memphis????

Please be in specific prayer for a few of our kiddo's. First Preston had his transplant on Wednesday, please keep him in prayer for a uneventful and successful transplant. Also, Morgan is on her way to St Jude today to get a few things checked out, please be praying for her today that all is well. Big Trevor had his surgery on Monday and has returned home. Pray for his surgery to be successful. I know many of you have followed Devon Lore, he went home to be with Jesus and his other St Jude buddies who have fought the battle and earned their wings before him. Please keep his family in your prayers. Little Trevor is doing well as for his cancer, however he is having some difficulties adjusting to school. He started kindergarten this year and it's a huge change for him. Please keep him in your prayers and his family as they are trying to help him with all of these adjustments. Jordan has started full time school in the past month too, he is loving it! He has some mornings where he cries when they drop him off, but it's over by the time they get out of the parking lot and he is loving it! Boy, I can't wait to get my hands on him in December! This is the longest I have gone without seeing him!

Please be in prayer for our team. For us to be successful and reach or surpass our goal of $20,000.00, for everyone to have safe training and safe travel here. Pray for an overall successful marathon for St Jude.

Enjoy your family and friends this weekend. I hope the weather forecast for where ever you are is as perfect as the one we have for Memphis! This is the most beautiful weather we have had in quite sometime.

Ok, I just got a text from Regina Rushing, her other daughter Alison just finished up at the doctor. She has been having trouble with her knee for quite some time now and they are finally going to do surgery this coming Wednesday. They have tried all measures to see if it would get better without having to go to surgery, but seems surgery is the only way now. Please pray for Alison and Regina. Pray the doctors will be able to find the problem and fix it right up!

Have a great weekend!


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