Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yesterday, Sweet Tears and Smiles!

Yesterday I had the honor of being the delivery lady for the Dunfords. Michelle had ordered cupcakes to be taken to St Jude to the different departments where Elizabeth was treated during her stay at The Jude. Yesterday marked one year since sweet Elizabeth went home to heaven. The family wanted to show their very deep appreciation to St Jude for everything done for Elizabeth. This is so like them, always thinking of others even in their time of pain and sorrow. Say an extra prayer for them and for the staff at the hospital. It was very apparent by their reactions yesterday that they too were hurting during this very sad milestone.

I want to introduce you to Preston. He is for sure a cutie pie! Those big dark eyes just make you smile.As I got to the hospital yesterday, with 80 gigantic beautiful pink cupcakes, I ran into Preston, his mom and his Ma. As you can see, he enjoyed a cupcake too! He loves Thomas The Train, so I had found a really neat travel play set that I took to him yesterday... so he was a happy camper yesterday. Giant cupcake and Thomas! He made me smile! My oldest son, Tyler was with me, so he got to meet Preston too. Tyler has such a heart for these kids and he is just a kid magnet anyway. I think Preston thought it was cool to have a big guy picking at him too. They still do not have a definite date for transplant, so please keep that specific prayer on your list. Pray for the donor to be able to give them a harvest date, and that all will go smoothly and they can get this process started soon.

Pray for all of those hurting and suffering pain from the loss of their loved ones. Please include specifically Dina. She is really struggling over the loss of Mikey. Pray that she can find some peace.

Team Believe... how's your training coming? Let's see those dollar signs going up on our team goal page!!


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