Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urgent Prayers Needed


Received this from Lori early this morning:

Yesterday, Trace had a near drowning experience... EMT assessment and X-ray were normal... Went to inlaws for observation, 20 min into a nap, he had a seizure, vomited, and aspirated. 911 called and transported to LeBonheur. Found left lung collapsed. Put on vent and sedated but now weaning off both. Thanks for your prayers and please continue. Will try to update often.

Please continue to pray for the Bolton Family. I'll let you know as Lori is able to let us know. She is a friend of all of the Team Believe (Memphis Chapter) members.


Prayers are being requested for a sweet friend of mine here in Memphis tonight. The Bolton family is a very sweet young family with five precious children. Their youngest, Trace, is a special needs child in need of prayer. Details right now are rather sketchy, I don't want to give out incorrect information so for now I am going to give the basics as I have them. Late this afternoon the family was swimming and there was an incident where one of Trace's water wing floaties came off, Lori got to him and got him out. I am not sure what happened at that point, but he is now in LeBonheur. The info we have is that his lungs were clear, but he began having seizures and throwing up. Not sure what is going on, hopefully we will have more details soon. Prayers have been requested, so I am passing this on to the best group of prayer warriors that I know. Thank you so much!!

Next week, Ariel will be coming back for her big check up. They will be doing all of the big test and scans. Keep her in your prayers that all will be clear. Little Trevor will be coming back for his chemo.

I have received an email about a new patient that will be coming to St Jude this next week for a transplant. He is a precious little 2 year old boy with Aplastic Anemia. This is the same diagnosis as Mallerie and Morgan. Please be praying for him and his family. I believe he is an only child. As I have more contact with them, I will give more info and post his CB page. They do have a donor, it is a non family 7 out of 8 match. Please be praying for a successful transplant.

Also, this is a biggie... please keep Dina in your prayers. She is really struggling right now. I can not tell you how desperately she needs your prayers and your encouragement. While she is not updating to much on Mikey's CB page, she is reading the comments. PLEASE, go to his page, double click on his name listed under "Our Friends" and PLEASE leave her a message of encouragement in the guestbook.

Please join Team Believe in our efforts to raise much needed money to support St Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you can not come to Memphis and join us, please make a donation of any amount to our team. You can click on the link in the top left part of this blog and it will take you directly to our team page where you can make a secure online donation. We have set a goal to raise $20,000.00. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Thank you so much!


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