Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beautiful Start to a New Week

I just got this and wanted to add it to today's post. This was so powerful to me... It's a msg from Lori, Trace's mom.

Just wanted to let everyone know we are home and Trace is doing great. I apologize to all of you who sent concerned texts and got no response...I did not have my cell phone with me; however, I knew you were praying and for that, I am forever grateful. Headed to bed so we can make it to church and give a testimony to the Power of Prayer...thanks again. Much ♥...Lori


I don't know about where you are, but here in Memphis it is absolutely beautiful today. Now, do not confuse beautiful with mild temps. It is so hot you can cook outside, and I'm not referring to the grill. More like the patio table top or the sidewalk :)

I'm sorry I did not do a better job of keeping you posted on Trace, he was able to come home from the hospital yesterday. This accident was so scary but it is yet another incident where God has shown his mercy and his grace and his power to make whole again. Trace came off of the vent with no problems, his lung is healing. He will remain on some antibiotics and anti seizure meds for now. Praise God for answered prayers.

This week will be a busy week around the Jude. Ariel will be coming on Wednesday. This will be her big week of test. Please pray for her to get clear scans and great results on all of her test. Prayers for safe travel are always appreciated.

Little Trevor will be in this week for his chemo too He past few times that he has received his treatments, he has had some problems afterwards for a few days. Please pray for him to feel good after this round and for him to have safe travel too. HIs mom and dad have been enjoying a much needed vacation. They celebrated their anniversary this month, so they went to Cancun for a honeymoon getaway! It's so wonderful they were able to get away for a little bit for some mom and dad time.

The new little guy (Preston) will be coming in this week to begin the process of his transplant. I believe his first clinic visits begin on Wedensday. This is the little guy I mentioned in an earlier post that has Aplastic Anemia. Please be in prayer for him and his family. This will be a long stay here in Memphis once they get started. Dad will be staying home to work, mom will be here with him. I'll give you more info and a CB page once I meet up with them.

Prayers requested also for the families of those who have lost their babies this year. Regardless of age, they are the babies to their families and loved ones. Not to go into any personal details, but there are a couple in particular that are really in need of prayer. God knows who they are and what their needs are, but if you can lift them up and pray for God's comfort on them and for God to lead them in decisions they are having to make at this time. Please pray for their marriages and their relationships with all of those that love them so much. Sometimes, when one loses someone, the anger and pain of the loss can really take a toll on those that love them the most.

I pray that each of you will have a very blessed, safe and wonderful week. Keep Christ in the center of each day, it definitely makes a huge difference.

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