Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well, I know that first you want to know about Mikey. God love his soul, he is still fighting and hanging on. Dina and his family, friends and medical staff have all told him everything is okay, it's time to go home. Go be cancer free, pain free and at peace with God.

Let me go back and cover a few things that I neglected to let you know about during this past week.

Little Trevor came in on Wednesday evening for his bi-weekly chemo. I picked them up and we went to a burger place called Kookey Kanooks for burgers and s'mores. Some of you from Team Believe will remember this place, it's the little place downtown that we had lunch at after the marathon the first two years we participated. It used to be called Big Foot, but they have now changed the name. Trevor had a really good time, he enjoyed all of the animals on the walls and especially the little fire pot and making the s'mores. After dinner we took a horse drawn carriage ride around downtown, Trevor REALLY enjoyed that. He talked to the driver the entire time. Afterwards, we did a little walking tour through the Peabody lobby and around the area there. Team Believe members will recall this is the area for the starting line up for the marathon. Then we drove down by Beale Street, it was Bike Night on Beale and Trevor wanted to see all of the Harley's. He had his treatment on Thursday and was back home in his own bed by Thursday night. It was a very quick trip. He looks great and all is wonderful with him.

Ariel came in for a VERY quick trip. She and her mom drove in, they arrived around 4 am this morning and were back out around lunch time. She has been away at church camp this week, so they left camp, drove up, had her clinic appt. then drove back to camp to get back for "skit night". Last night of camp week is always a very special night, I can understand her wanting to get back. She was excited and had some good news. For the first time since she started her treatment, he had a weight gain!!!! WOOHOO for Ariel!!! She had gained a whopping total of 2 lbs!! That is a huge thing for her. Hopefully this trend will continue. She needs to be going up instead of always a loss. Now, for me.... I need to be doing the opposite!

That is about it as far as I am aware around the Jude this past week. Dr. Sara is hanging in there. She is doing well, still on bed rest while awaiting the arrival of the girls. She is going to be the most amazing mommy. Remember to keep her and the twins in your prayers. Be praying for them to hang on a little longer and then have a safe delivery.

Back to Mikey. I nor anyone can imagine what he is holding on for, but he is. This is a very difficult time as you can only imagine. He is getting weaker each day. I got to spend a little time with them this evening, they are holding up as well as you could imagine. They are all exhausted, but keeping a constant circle of love around Mikey. Mikey is such a wonderful young man. This earth is being robbed of a very fine young Christian man and such a great example to so many people. Heaven is gaining one of God's finest. One thing that I will always have in my bank of memories is his soft and loving smile. I don't know how to describe it, but I posted some pictures hoping you can see what I am talking about. It's not just a smile, it is so full of love. I have said, Mikey can walk into a room, totally fill it with so much love without even ever opening his mouth. Just his simple sweet smile. Ma and I were looking through a photo album tonight, and as she looked at his high school pictures, she commented that even in his pictures you can see his sweetness and his innocence. He has always walked a very close walk with God and lived a very Christ like life. It is so hard to keep in mind that he is only 27. He is so wise and mature beyond his age. A very special person to so many. I did want to share a few pictures that were made only 5 or 6 weeks ago. This was the day that Jack, Katie and Ma were packing up their Target House apartment to go home. Mikey and Dina came by to say their "so-long's" before Jack left. Even though Mikey was not feeling the best, you can't tell it from these pictures. He was there for Jack.

Mikey and Jack helping me finish up washing the last few dishes to be packed.

One of Jack's favorite things to do... Target shopping cart rides in the hallway at Target House. Mikey was more than happy to push him all up and down and around. Jack loved every minute of it.

Dina and Jack. Dina was trying to slip in a little kiss there!!

Please continue to pray for Mikey, Dina and all of the ones who love them so much. Pray for Mikey to go home in peace.

Let's continue to keep all of the kiddo's fighting so hard in our prayers. If this touches you like it touches me, please join me and the other members of Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon this year. If you can't come to Memphis to participate, please consider making a donation to Team Believe for St Jude. I will be posting a link on this page next week where you can go directly to the website to register and also to the site where you can make an online donation. Let's support the work being done there. Cancer is taking to many and these kids are being taken much to early in their sweet young lives.


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