Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Morning...

I trust everyone is having a nice week. We have finally had some very much needed rain. Now, the grass needs to be mowed again. But we are certainly not complaining, we needed the rain to keep the grass growing.

Little Trevor comes in today. He will have his chemo tomorrow. When Trevor comes to town, you never know what all we will get into. I'm not sure yet what plans are on the agenda. Our list of things to do when they come is getting longer instead of shorter. I am just thankful that he is here and he feels great, and is always ready to go get into some thing fun. After he gets home from this trip to Memphis, they will be going to register him for kindergarden!! I can't believe that he is now ready for kindergarden, however, I'm so very thankful that he is here and able to go. He has been fighting the beast since he was two years old. Thank you Lord for all of the answered prayers sent up on Trevor's behalf. I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can get some updated pictures for you.

Heaven gained yet another precious angel this week. I know many of you followed Robert Cunningham. He was friends with a couple of the kiddo's we have followed here. Robert was a very sweet and amazing young man. He was absolutely determined to not give up, to fight this, to beat it and go on. However, for reasons none will ever understand, he has earned his wings and gone home to be with the other buddies gone on before him. He passed away on Monday evening. Please pray for his family as they face the next few days of his visitation and service. Keep the other St Jude families who are mourning the losses suffered in the past two weeks. It's been tough. I want to ask for you to also remember to include the doctors and medical staff at St Jude in your prayers. This hits so hard and way to close to home for them too. Robert and Mikey both had been around the Jude for quite sometime.

I had a wonderful moment yesterday afternoon. A couple of my guys (my very own that I birthed :) ) and I were at the mall shopping for back to school and for an upcoming cruise, while sitting at the Food Court taking a break Tyler noticed Vivian L. along with a friend coming through. She came over to our table and we got to visit for a bit. I wish I had gotten to know her better when she was in treatment. She is such an amazing young lady. She lives here in the Memphis area, and goes to one of the high schools that our school actually competes against in sports. Now that she is back in school, I hope to get to see her and keep in touch during sporting events. She promised us to come out to the baseball games when our schools play each other. As we were visiting yesterday, she was just telling me about her day out shopping with her friend, they both absolutely looks adorable and beautiful. If you just saw her, you would NEVER know how sick this young lady had been just a year ago. She looked as healthy and beautiful as any other person there. As she shared her goals for her future ( college and career) I was just so amazed at her maturity and the person she has become. She admits that her experience has changed her and given her the opportunity to basically be a spokesperson for St Jude. The awesome part is that she is willing and wants to share her story to help others. That is a very admirable trait. Some (and I do not blame them) choose to not be reminded of their time while sick and choose to put it behind them and go on. That's okay too. Everyone handles life's stresses differently.
As she walked away, I just had a big smile on my face. She has overcome this beast, and is living her life just like any other young lady her age. I am so very thankful to God for His blessings on Vivian. Lord, You are an awesome God, thank you.

At last count, we had 17 registered for Team Believe. I know Jordan's family is working on getting registered. I know many of our "regulars" have not yet registered but I can see how our AWESOME team is just continuing to get bigger each year. I love it!!!! I have realized that we do have 2 team members that will be doing the full marathon!!! WooHoo!! Don't forget to call the hotel and confirm your room. It's time to start seeing the $$$$ coming in. Get your fundraising shoes on :)

It's hump day, I hope that each of you have a blessed downhill part of the week and enjoy a wonderful weekend. My weekend will be blessed with a houseful of baseball players! The team that Tyler plays for out of Hattiesburg, MS will actually be playing in Memphis this weekend. He has about 6 players that will be staying in our home with us. They are some awesome young men, we are very excited to have them here. So say a little prayer for good luck and safety as they play this weekend. If your in the Memphis area, they will be playing at the USA Stadium. GOOD LUCK TO THE HATTIESBURG BLACK SOX.

Some of the players at dinner the last time they played in Memphis.

I just received a phone call from Lenzy. She said that Brenda is in the hospital having lots of pain and some breathing issues. They have transferred her to Baptist in Little Rock to run further test. At this time, they have not been able to determine the source of her problems. They are asking for prayers to figure out what is going on and also pray for them to be able to keep her pain under control.

Also, Brenda had mentioned to us that Lenzy had to go to the doctor for some further testing on a questionable pap smear. She will be having surgery on August 16th to remove 3 different spots that have tested positive for cancer. She was very upbeat about it, she said she is not worried about herself. Her doctor feels he can remove the places and no further treatment will be necessary. She is more worried about her mom than herself. Please keep Lenzy in prayer as well as their family. They are really being hit hard and their faith is really being tested right now. Lift them up in prayer.

I will go ahead and mention a prayer request for a praise prayer. Many of you (Team Believe) have met my friend Laura. She participated in the marathon with us last year and will be on the team again this year. Her mom is my sweet friend from Alsac that sets up our hospital tours for me. Anyway, Laura's husband, Mike, had surgery yesterday for prostate cancer this week at Vanderbilt. The doctors were able to successfully remove the prostate, which the cancer was contained, no spreading had occurred and all lymph nodes were clear. The best possible report that could have been expected! PRAISE GOD, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! At this time doctors do not anticipate any follow up treatment to be necessary. They will be coming back home to Memphis either today or tomorrow. Pray for safe and comfortable travel for them to come home.

This beast seems to be hitting hard in so many places, not just in our babies. Please, help us help the cause and the research. If you can not participate as a team member, PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TO OUR TEAM TO HELP FURTHER THE RESEARCH TO FIND A CURE TO SLAY THIS BEAST!!! I BEG YOU TO OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR WALLETS TO HELP THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN AND ADULTS WHO ARE HIT WITH THIS EVERYDAY!! I am so reminded that it could be any one of us just as easy as it is someone we read about. $5, $10, $50, $1,000.00 it does not matter. Anything you can do will help. Consider making a monthly donation to our team between now and marathon time. A little each month, the cost of a dinner or night at the movies out each month, will not be missed but can do so much to help. Just $10.00 a month between now and December will add up to $50.00. $60.00 if you include July :) Please, help us! It is very simple to do right here online. At the top of this page, there is a link to Donate To St Jude Team Believe. Double click on that link and it will take you directly to our goal page where you can make a safe and secured online donation. Thank you so much!!!



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