Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope that each of you has been able to enjoy the day and spend it with those that mean the most to you. I am reminded that so many of our sweet families have gone through the day today with an empty seat in their home and a heavy heart. I have prayed for each of you today, I pray that God will help you see the beauty in this day and give you the peace that you need to face days like today. I can only think about those we are missing and wonder just how perfect the big Easter Egg Hunt in heaven must have been. I just visualize all of our St Jude angel's having a big Easter gathering together. Please keep these families in your hearts and prayers. This time last year, I had a car load of Easter baskets that I was trying to deliver at St Jude to these precious angels. What a difference a year can make.

I think this has been the longest that I have gone without posting since I began this blog page. I do apologize and I thank those of you who sent messages to check to make sure things were okay. Things have been great, just busy. As I shared with you, my oldest son Tyler had a wreck 2 weeks ago now that totaled his SUV. He was perfectly fine, I told him that God definitely had him wrapped in his arms and protected him. He did not even have a scratch on him. I have said a prayer of thanksgiving for this everyday since the accident. However, his SUV did not fair so well. As I was reminded by one of our sweet mom's... vehicles can be replaced. I had a sweet message from Mallerie's mom Tina, and it really put things into perspective for me. Thank you Tina! This past week, in between baseball games, Tyler and I hit the road and covered every dealership in a 75 mile radius and finally on Friday, the big purchase was made. Tyler is back behind a wheel now! Hopefully this week will not be as crazy.

I am including a few more pics from the birthday party for Ariel and Amber. I made all of the pics I am posting today on my Iphone so they are not that big, but maybe you can see them. Ariel's appointments here went well. She is doing really good and will be back in a few weeks for another check up. Keep praying for this chemo to rid her body of this cancer forever!

Amber and Ariel, Happy 17th Birthday! They celebrated their birthday here in Memphis at the bowling alley with a group of friends from the youth group at Great Oaks Church of Christ. They looked beautiful and had a wonderful time.

Garrett, Mardecia, Ariel, Tyler and Amber. Celebrating!!!

The Bolton Wildcat's Baseball team pitched in and put together an Easter basket for Jack. On Saturday afternoon, my son Garrett and another of his teammates also named Garrett, went down with me to The Target House to take the basket to Jack. He had the biggest and sweetest smile on his face when the boys walked in. He is such a sweet little guy. He waned to go out for a bit to play ball with the bat and ball that was a part of his basket. He played for a bit before getting tired and ready to ride his cool dude bike for a bit. After playing outside for a little, he was very kind and showed Garrett and Garrett the Shawn White room in the Target House and also the Play Room. As you can see from the pics, Jack and Garrett and Garrett all had a pretty good time cooking in the kitchen in the Play Room. It was so sweet to see those two 16 year olds playing kitchen with a precious little guy. I think Jack has these two big boys wrapped around his little finger!

Garrett C.. Jack and Garrett S. Cooking up some yummy dinner in the Kid's Kitchen in the play room at The Target House.

Garrett C, Jack and Garrett S with all of the loot the Baseball Easter Bunny brought to Jack!

Jack and his REALLY cool bike!

Jack had to go back inpatient today for a fever. Please pray for this fever to go away quickly. He is having such a difficult time having to be in the hospital so much. What little child or adult for that matter wants to spend so much time inpatient!!! Please keep him and Katie in your prayers that he will be fever free and hospital free too!!!!

Alex V was at The Jude this past week too for her check up. Everything went really well for her. Her MRI shows NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! WOO HOO.... NO CANCER!! She does have some complications from the cancer and the chemo that she has had that is causing some problems for her, but hopefully they will find a good solution to help her with this. I only got to see her and her mom, Joan, for a really short visit. Long enough to get some good hugs and see how wonderful they both looked! Keep them in your prayers.

I don't know of any of our kiddo's that will be coming in this week for checkups. I could be wrong, but I am not aware of any.

Keep praying for all of them. I really do need to try to catch up with the new patient I shared with you... Leah. I will try to visit with them this week.

Have a great week. I heard a saying yesterday that went something like this..."In our deepest and darkest times is when we see our real faith and trust" None of us like to find ourselves in our deepest or darkest time, but it is such a comfort to know that we do have a faith and a trust along with a wonderful and powerful God that will get us through it. Keep your faith and trust. Love the Lord with all your heart. Be His child at all times. Seek to do His work, gain his favor. When you reach out and give to others, SO MUCH MORE COMES BACK TO YOU! Each morning I try to look at what is going on in my life, pray about it and put my worries and concerns in my "back pocket" then go on and about my daily business. Most days, by the end of the day... I see once again how I truly DO NOT have any real problems. I have decided there must be a hole in that "back pocket"!!!

Love to each of you!


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