Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Calm After The Storm...

Addition to todays post - I neglected to share some not so good news with you. Ryan has relapsed for the third time. You can go to his link and read Kim's update regarding this devastating news. She is really torn right now and searching for the best solution to help Ryan. Please read her post, be praying really hard for her to find the peace and answers she needs. Pray for Ryan and for his healing.


Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sky is and how green the earth is after a raging storm? Last night and up until about 2:00 this afternoon we have had one Tornado watch and warning after another one. The sky has been so dark with wicked looking clouds... now at 5:25pm just a few hours later, the sky is the most beautiful blue without a cloud to be found. The grass is so green and what is left of the blooming flowers are incredible!! I absolutely love the feeling of complete peace after the storm. Funny how life, our day to day struggles, can be so much like a thunderstorm. We have trials in our life, but I feel God blesses us with a beautiful peace after our storms when we lean on him and rely on our faith to get us through our storms. No matter what our troubles or pain involve, God is always with us. "Be with us Lord, we can not live without thee."

Well, it's been rather calm on the SJ home front as far as I am aware with the kiddo's we follow here. Jack just finished up a cycle of his chemo and he has done really well so far with it. If you are following his CB site, you know that he only has one more cycle to go and he will be finished!!!! YEAH for Jack!!! His scans are all clear, he is finishing up and we just need to keep him in our prayers that he remains CANCER FREE. He will certainly me missed around the Jude but I know how much they want to be home and get on with life enjoying their family. Keep praying for Jack and his sweet family to hang in there just a little bit longer until they get to go home for good.

Little Trevor came in this past week for his chemo treatment and an MRI. The preliminary reports showed basically that his tumor is stable. I have not heard back from Melinda yet on the final report. Hopefully they will get that report by Monday. Please keep praying for Trevor and his family. They are doing great, but the travel back and forth every other week does really wear them out both physically and emotionally. When Melinda comes here to bring Trevor, she has to leave Morgan, little sister, back home. Morgan misses her mom and big brother and Trevor misses Morgan very much when he is away from her. They are very close. Please keep praying for his final report on the MRI to show that his treatment is doing it's job!!! We did get to go to Chili's for dinner while they were here. That is such a big treat for Trevor! He is the "main attraction" at Chili's when he is there. Everyone in the restaurant knows Trevor before they finish up their dinner!! He is such the cutie pie!

Ariel will be coming in on Monday for her check up. I am pretty sure this is the visit that she will be having her MRI too. Please be in prayer for the results from this MRI to show that her treatment is doing it's job too. She had a small spot of concern on her lung in the last one, pray that this spot will not show up at all on this MRI. It could have just been nothing at all, and that is what we are praying for. She has been a very busy young lady the past few weeks. She and Amber came to Memphis to attend the St Jude Prom, then this weekend she is very busy speaking at two different Relay For Life functions and also she and Amber are involved in their high school musical of "Grease". Pray for their safe trip to Memphis and for good reports.

Big Trevor has had some really great things happening in his life. He has been the recipient of a couple of awesome honors in the past few weeks. I don't want to get them wrong, so I will just refer you back to his CB page where Pam explains them much better than I ever could. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments. He is still awaiting surgery coming up the first part of May. Please keep him in your prayers.

I think I shared with you on a past post about Dr. Sara being pregnant with twins. She is doing great, the twins are doing great! She and hubby now know that the new bundles of joy will be girls!! They are very excited. On the subject of babies... if you have not yet heard, I can now share with you that ^Dax's^ mom and dad, (Julie & Austin) are expecting a baby! Congratulations to them and prayers for them and for a healthy beautiful baby. ^Dax^ will be such a sweet guardian angel over his momma, daddy and little brother or sister.

Please continue to pray for all of the families at St Jude and other families at other hospitals who have children fighting childhood cancer. Keep praying for them and doing what you can to help raise the money necessary to fund St Jude and the research needed to find the cure. We are approaching the end of April, the time to begin registering for the 2010 St Jude Marathon will be here before we know it. I believe if I remember correctly last years registration began at the end of May. Be talking to your friends and family and see if you can bring someone else with you to join our team this year. More info on the 2010 Team Believe Team will be coming out soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a great start to a new week. Be vigilant in your prayers... Prayer Works!


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