Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

This will be a busy week at St Jude for our families. Heather and Terri will be coming in tomorrow for Heather's check up. Prayers for a safe flight and a GREAT check up!

Little Trevor will be coming in on Tuesday for his treatment. He and his sister Morgan have both celebrated birthdays this past week! Happy Birthday to Trevor and Morgan!!!! Prayers for a safe flight for Trevor and Melinda.

Jack went home to visit family over the weekend, he will be back to continue his treatment. Prayers for a good week for him!

Ariel is doing well. She is planning to go back to school this next week. Mom and Dad will both be returning to work as well. Pray that they will have a smooth transition back into their normal routines. Ariel has done very well with her at home chemo. She is such a trooper and an amazing young lady. Prayers for each of the Reynolds Clan.

Spring Break is winding down for our area and many of our friends and families are traveling back home. Keep each one in your prayers for their safe travel. I hope that each of you have had a great weekend and are ready to face a new week.

Brenda has had her first round of chemo and she has done very well with it. She was not sick, but very tired for a couple of days. Pray for her to continue to do well with her remaining treatments and for this to rid her body of the cancer forever!! I believe she has 6 more treatments to go.

I will post more as the week progresses and let you know how the check ups are going for our kiddo's!

Pray for our country. Pray that the people will not forget that GOD IS IN CONTROL. Pray for wisdom for each of us to know what is best.

Have a blessed week!


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