Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayers Have Been Answered Yet Again!

Thank you Lord for Your almighty gift of the avenue of prayer. You hear us, You move heaven and earth to do what is best for us. You love us, You give us mercy, grace and peace. THANK YOU LORD.

Just got a call from Katie, JACK'S SCANS HAVE COME BACK ALL CLEAR ONCE AGAIN!!! He has fought this battle with the beast yet again, and WON his fight AGAIN! God love Jack! Jack will be getting his line pulled out tomorrow and going home for the summer to be an all rough and tough mud lovin, fishing, playing in the dirt healthy little boy!!! I bet he will even find a few worms and who know what else to play with. I know he will be enjoying helping his momma dog raise her 5 brand new puppies that were born this past week. What a FUNTASTIC summer Jack and his family have in store for them this summer! Rejoice and celebrate with them! Sign his CB page and let them know your celebrating with them and continuing to pray for them. They will return for check up in 3 months. Please keep praying for Jack to remain CANCER FREE for many many many more years!!!


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